Saturday 15 April 2017

AFTER a pretty lazy start to the day I start work on putting together a downloadable EP of some tracks recorded at the live album recording show that aren’t going too be on the vinyl or CD formats of the album.

There’s nothing wrong with the tracks/recordings, it just wasn’t possible to fit them all on the CD or double vinyl, so I think I ca put them to good use as a free promo download incentive for folks to join my mail list and also to trail the album. Might even be good for some radio promo too.

There’s a number of ways I can set this up and I pend a while planning out the best way to work it.

I don’t get far, tho’ as I end up spending two hours trying to work out what’s wrong with my online store after a customer emailed to say they couldn’t buy a shirt! For some reason my t-shirts aren’t checking out properly…but CDs,vinyl and other items are all OK. Weird.

After much poking about, it looks like a WooCommerce update has stopped variable products from inheriting the ‘parent’ product’s shipping class. My solution – for anyone affected by the same problem – is go into each variation and set the shipping class manually ie: choose the correct class rather than the ‘same as parent’ option.

I’m glad the customer took the time to let me know there was a problem rather than abandoning their purchase…I’m also glad I only did the update last night, so hopefully haven;t lost too many orders from folks giving up.

Our pals Barbara and Thorsten have finally been able to move into their new house nearby and have invited us along for a drink. Haven’t seen them in a while and it’s nice to catch up. Thorsten’s done an amazing job building all the insides of the house.

It’s quite late when we get home and make some dinner then watch Big Gold Dream on the iPlayer – a documentary film about the independent post-punk music scene in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Definitely worth a look, but – like most of these things – focusses on the ‘chosen few’ and funded by Creative Scotland. Some things haven’t changed.

I find it frustrating that Scotland’s funding/support networks consistently support individuals or specific acts – often the same ones on an ongoing basis – rather than building resources and creating opportunities that all musicians/songwriters can use and tap into…

Saturday 30 July 2016

Pre-gig session/'meet & greet' at World Clinic record store's deck

Pre-gig session/’meet & greet’ at World Clinic record store’s deck

AMAZING breakfast at the hotel in Tartu…then we begin the puzzle of packing things in some kind of manageable way that the two of us can manhandle everything to the bus station.

Luckily it’s just across the road, and we meet Andres outside the hotel then get everything on the Tallinn bus.

The bus is pretty swanky – free wifi, adjustable (in every direction!) seats and plane-style multimedia monitors on the back of every headrest. Sorted.

Andres has orangeades a taxi transfer form the bus station to our hotel in the old town – just five/ten minutes walk form tonight’s venue.

We check into the hotel, drag out bags down a spiral staircase and a few more flights of stairs to the tiny º but economic – room in the bowels of the building the take some of the gear to Von Krahl.

Next we meet up with Finnish pal and photographer Leif and we all get a taxi to the World Clinic record store where owner Aivar is hosting a wee pre-gig  ‘meet & greet’ event. We’re handed beers, chat, play a few songs each outside then do some interviews to camera.

Then, another cab to the venue where we set up and soundcheck…Von Krahl is a brilliant venue, even if the organisation sucks a little…first up, despite sending poster art etc, there’s no posters or anything outside, inside or anywhere to suggest there’s anything on at the venue! Margaret makes up a DIY poster/sign and we stick it up outside. We were told last week that the sound engineer was going to be on holiday…luckily our pal Mattias is a good sound engineer and steps in to solve the problem with helps from house tech guy Marko.

Them when trying to oder food after soundcheck, we’re told the kitchen is closed! Andres and I go next door where they’re happy to send some food through for us. Phew!

Lots of folks we know in the crowd…great to see our pals Silver and Anika, Madis, Krista, Hendrik and many other familiar faces.

Andres plays a fantastic opening set….during the changeover, though, I catch my wireless pack on a for handle and bust one of the connections. Hopefully some gaff tape will get it through the show.

Another fantastic audience…and the belt pack lasts until 2/3 of the way though before there’s some intermittent drop outs. Oh oh. I explain to the audience and grab a spare transmitter, drop in some batteries and hope for the best.Phew! It works 🙂

After the show there’s lots of chat and photographs. Once we’re ready to load out, Krista and Hendrik help us back to the hotel with all the gear then we find a late night bar too eat and chill with a beer.

Andres plays a stunning opening set at Von Krahl...

Andres plays a stunning opening set at Von Krahl…

...then yours truly takes the stage.

…then yours truly takes the stage.