Tuesday 20 December 2016

The amazing Thermapen – even if I need to research a bit on changing the scale from ºC to ºF…click the pic to get yours at a bargain price!

ANOTHER day in Glasgow.

I drop Margaret off then go to my usual McDonalds stop for wifi and coffee to get some work done. Artwork and posters for the Glasgow show on 10 February and also the newly booked Edinburgh show at the Voodoo Rooms on Thursday 2 February. Then some Facebook events and other promo stuff.

Next stop is Costco to get some photos printed off a USB stick. I put them in there system then make my way to the west end to pick up a  Christmas present before heading to the STUC building in Woodlands Road.

Lisa is leaving the MU (Musicians’ Union) office and they;re having a wee ‘do’ to say cheerio. I spend an hour or so chatting to my pals there and wish Lisa well. She’s not going far, though, so I;m sure our paths will continue to cross 🙂

I pick up Margaret and we go back to Costco to pick up the photo prints and a turkey which will need (dry) brined tomorrow and allowed to sit in the fridge for a day or two before the cranberry rub is applied 24 hours before ‘the big smoke’.

We drop off the Christmas present I picked up earlier and we head home. 

The Thermapen food thermometer I ordered the other day has arrived. Imagine being excited about a food thermometer!!!! I have my remote food and pit temperature probes, but really need a separate thermometer to double check the food is ready…and, just as importantly, not overcooked – especially for the turkey on Christmas day.

The Thermapen is generally accepted to be the best and available at a bargain price on Amazon but nothing in the instructions tell me how to change the reading from ºC to ºF. There’s a series of dip switched in the battery compartment (once we manage to get the bloody thing open) – according to the instructions, switch 1 is unused…but an online search tells me this is the one to try. It works. I fire an email of to Thermapen asking why they don’t include this in their instructions….

Initial frustrations aside, this is the thermometer to buy – if you don’t have one, check ’em out on Amazon here.

Margaret makes some dinner and we chill for a while. Im still full of the cold so pour myself a stiff dram, make a lemsip and go to bed. Early(-ish) night.

Saturday 2 April 2016

Rab plays a fantastic show at Gartmore Village Hall

Rab plays a fantastic show at Gartmore Village Hall

WE have a pretty lazy morning…I still haven’t quite shaken off the lurgy, so maybe a bit of a rest’s a good thing.

After a late breakfast I pick up a guitar and run through a bunch of songs I haven’t played in ages. It feels good. Margaret asks me about the new song I’ve been messing with in the studio…I explain I couldn’t ‘find’ the vocal melody and it was all over the place when i tried to record it yesterday.

I pick up the guitar and run through it. Works pretty good and sounds fine. So what was the problem in the studio? I think it’s because I was overdubbing the vocals rather than playing the song live….somethingI rarely – actually never – do and that reminds why. I need to play the guitar and sing at the same time, That’s just the way it is.

After the recent interruptions in internet service, I investigate possible causes. We have a fancy-assed Netgear router which doesn’t have a built-in ADSL modem (ie: for ‘normal’ BT Broadband). To get round that, we used our old BT Homehub as a modem and disabled the wireless router…the Homehub, though, I think is goosed…plus, running through two devices could be causing sporadic IP conflcts.

I go onto Amazon and find a cheap ADSL modem for a tenner and  a ethernet switch to plug all our ‘internet enabled’ devices into – they should be here tomorrow (Sunday) with free delivery courtesy of Amazon Prime.

Meantime, Margaret prepares a roast and knocks up a big pile of Yorkshire puddings. Catriona’s coming to stay tonight and we’re having an early dinner so we can get to Gartmore in good time for my pal Rab’s gig there tonight.

Catriona is driving and we get there with time to chat to our friends from the village then settle down and enjoy the show. Gartmore Hall has (fairly) recently been renovated and it;s a nice space for gig. Rab, of course, plays a blinder mixing some of his older material with tracks from his latest I’m Walking Here album. Great songs, engaging performance and an incredibly assured and strong guitar playing.

We bid farewell and head home for a snack, a few glasses of wine and plenty chat before bed.

Margaret's Yorkies are amazing!

Margaret’s Yorkies are amazing!