Monday 24 October 2016

Sharing a Glengoyne with our hosts Charley and Laurie Macintosh at the Nahma Inn before tomorrow's show :-)

Sharing a Glengoyne with our hosts Charley and Laurie Macintosh at the Nahma Inn before tomorrow’s show 🙂

AFTER breakfast I try and get part three of the tour videoblog finished – some videoclips to be added, a voiceover added and then saved as a file for Facebook and YouTube.

I’m still at it when we need to check out, then I sit in the hotel lobby and get my blog done before we head off. We stop at a  mall and Margaret looks round T J Maxx while I sit in the van and finish editing the videoblog. We’ll upload it when we get to Nahma.

Afte a stop at #1 Pho in Green Bay or lunch we carry on our journey up to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (the UP – pronounced ‘you-pee’). We split the 150-mile drive to Nahma where I have a night off before tomorrow’s show at the Nahma Inn…we’re staying there tonight too.

When we get there, though, the place is in darkness. I’m about to panic when Charley – who owns and runs the place with his wife Laurie – pulls up and welcomes us. They weren’t sure if we were arriving tonight…a wee bit of a breakdown in communication between the booker and the rest of us, but it’s no problem.

We’re shown to a room then sat down at the bar with a few beers and other drinks…and time to share a Glengoyne with our hosts.

Laurie rustles up some burgers…made with smoked brisket. Until now, the best burgers we’d ever tasted were at the Court’n House, Eau Claire, but Laurie’s burgers at the Nahma Inn top them by a mile. Both of us are agreed. These are the best we’ve ever tasted 🙂

We have a few more beers, realise we’ve crossed a time zone and head to bed. This is an amazing place and we can;t wait for tomorrow 🙂


Friday 8 April 2016

MARGARET shakes me. Where the hell are we? Jeez…it’s after 11am.

We’re at Jon and Maggi’s. I’ve got a hell of a hangover and we can smell breakfast.

A shower and some grub help me recover and we chat for a while before we say cheerio and go for some shopping on the way home. We’ll see our pals again on Monday – they’re coming for lunch and we’re gonna record some stuff for Jon in the studio.

As well as the usual Tesco and Costco stuff, we visit theApple Store at Braehead for a keyboard. I’d hoped to pick one up in town yesterday, but seeing as the Buchanan Street Apple Store is ‘closed for refurbishment’ that didn’t happen. Funny, Maggi reckons it’s not going to reopen at all. I had the same feeling…and when we get home some pals drop in for a coffee and, unprompted, they expressed the same view!

Our pals and their two kids head off and we have a snack…I’m still feeling pretty rough.

We light the fire and laze around then I make a poor attempt at getting some work done. I do manage to get some things done, but it’s slow progress! The new keyboard – Apple’s “magic” keyboard – was pretty damn expensive, but when I unbox it and try it I see why. It’s really nicely made, extremely compact and is rechargeable via the (supplied) USB to lightning cable which would probably cost £15/£20 on it’s own. It’s really nice to use as well, although as I explain to Margaret, it;s hard to get excited about a computer keyboard. Anyway, it’s a good part solution to the ‘elevated MacBook’ setup I’m planning to (hopefully) resolve the upper back and neck ache.

Laptop stands in the Apple store are pretty expensive, but I need to do something as the pile of books on the dining room table isn’t very practical or attractive. I find one on Amazon from Amazon Basics at £15 with free next day delivery. That’ll do.

Neither of us are hungry, the idea of a beer – let alone a dram – turns my stomach so we have an early night.




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