Wednesday 6 April 2016

I’VE GOT someone coming to have a chat about web design…I did her website 15 years ago and it;s still going, but definitely time for an update. Our paths crossed recently for the first time since!

She’s a wee bit early, and I’m not quite through the stuff I wanted to get done but that’s OK. We discuss options and ideas and she leaves with my promise of an email outlining our chat and documenting my proposals.

After lunch I have a meeting with my other recent web client. Now the site’s live, I need to sit down and show them how to update/add content.

Last night’s Facebook Live video stream is still getting a lot of traction…an amazing amount for what is effectively a Facebook page post. I threw a small budget at it to ‘boost’ the post and it seems to be helping too. Check it out on my Facebook page! If you have a verified Facebook page, check out Facebook’s Mentions app and give it a whirl…it’s so good, I have a feeling it won’t last in it’s current form for long, so if you can, jump in and give it a bash while the going’s good!

I’ve some other stuff to do and can’t find my notebook…Margaret’s not seen ti either. Odd. The I realise we may have left it at Martyn and Louise’s last night. I call. Yup, it’s there. Martyn’ll be home in half an hour so I arrange to drop by and pick it up.

While I send some poster art and stuff down to our pal Becky for a show we’re doing together at the end of May, Margaret tries to firm up an Aberdeen show for Thursday 9 June and a BBC Radio Scotland session for earlier in that week to promote the new EP.

I have a coffee and a chat, pick up the notebook and get home just as Margaret’s got the dinner ready.

We eat and chill – I read one of the latest Mac magazines on iPad (free, courtesy of Zinio and our library!) – while Margaret watches the telly. My upper back, neck and shoulders have been really, really achy the last month or so and reading an article about laptop use makes me think I really should put my laptop on a stand (or something) and use a separate keyboard. I’m already using a bluetooth mouse ‘cos the MacBook’s trackpad’s knackered. It makes sense, especially as I’ve been pretty busy on the computer the last few months and not been getting out for as many walks and breaks as I should.

I’ll try putting the MacBook on a pile of books in the morning..and grab a bluetooth keyboard from the studio….