Tuesday 3 April 2018

Ableton Live…and my first ‘work in progress’ starts to make sense…

UURGH….cold, wet and grey today…looks like I’ll be stuck indoors.

There’s more security notices from the web client that need checked out..still nothing to worry about, I fiddle with some code to try and prevent her getting these false triggers.

There’s also some vinyl to be packed and sent out.

A new iPad case arrives from Amazon.  While it’s claimed to fit the new 2018 iPad, I ordered it before considering that the built-in screen protector might mess up the Apple Pencil experience. I’m expecting to return it so carefully open the pack and  test it…the pencil still works but it’s not as responsive. Mmmm…on examination, I see the clear plastic screen protector is just an insert and it detaches easily with no damage. Perfect! Comparable to cases at £80 or more, the case is a bargain at twenty quid. Check ’em out and get yours here!

Then it’s into the studio where I mess with the new song idea and revisit an older one for an hour or so. Think I’ll do a Facebook livestream update from the studio tomorrow (Wednesday) around 11.30am.

After lunch I tackle a whole load of USA visa-related stuff which takes longer than I’d like.

Finally I have time to get back onto Ableton Live and see if I can work some samples into the beats. I lose myself for a few hours and although the result isn’t a work of art, I’ve made headway understanding and working the damn app.

Before closing up the studio I pay some attention to my Loch Lomond Studios Facebook page, adding some photos to the galleries and spreading the work a little.