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Monday 17 September 2018

FIRST on the list today is to sort the fun day photos.

With the internet having been down since Friday morning there’s a load to catch up on too…at least we’re up and running now tho’.

I go through the photos in the studio and start choosing the better ones.

After a break to get the routine stuff done, I go back to the studio and ‘narrow it down’ to 120 images! I get them uploaded to the community trust website as well as G63.scot and spread the links around social media. I also call one of the local papers and send some words and a few of the pix. See the gallery here.

There’s a bunch of stuff to do around Saturday’s (22 Sept) show at the Winnock in Drymen..and I also schedule some Facebook livestream for later to help spread the word.

Come 5.30pm tho’ – when I’m setting up for the first livestream at 6pm – there’s all sorts of technical hassles with microphones. Despite the stress, we get up and running at 6pm and I do a couple of subsequent streams to the Facebook event itself and also my personal Facebook page.

We’re not long finished when Betty drops in, then I start preparing dinner…pork, chorizo and butterbean casserole.

After we eat I hit the office again and make up set lists for Saturday’s show and get a few other tasks out the way before locking up at midnight…

Sunday 16 September 2018

One of my fun day pix…I’ll hopefully get through the rest tomorrow and post ’em on the community trust website…

WE’RE up at a reasonable time and having breakfast with everyone before we leave Catriona and Will’s.

We gotta get home and load the car up with all the food, games and other stuff for the local community trust fun day at the village hall. I also need to get together all the stuff for my display/stand at the event.

I drive to the hall, unload and leave Margaret there then fire back to the house to get tickets for next Saturday’s show in Drymen numbered, printed, perforated and cut….I need to have some on sale at the fun day, give some to Have Mercy Las Vegas and drop the rest into the Winnock Hotel. Our news releases have all promised tickets available form the venue from Monday (17 Sept).

Once the tickets are done, I race back to the hall and set up my ‘stand’ and help out…I’m also doing photos for the event.

The afternoon is a huge success and by 5pm we’re tidying up.

After unloading back home, I drop a pair of tickets off to someone in Drymen and put the rest into The Winnock for sale.

Next, I hit the studio and dump the photos from this afternoon onto the computer. I start going through them but run out of time before we go to meet Betty and Joe for dinner.

What a weekend!




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