Wednesday 12 June 2024

UP EARLY – I need to get the studio tidied up and ready for my pal Diana who’s coming this morning tor record a song.

I’m sorted just in time and we have a good few hours recording and chatting. I’ve got a guitar lesson later so once the recording’s done I undertake to do some work not he recording later and send a mix when I can.

My guitar student is progressing well then I hit the office, pack some merch and get it to the postbox. All small packets so I deport; need the post to collect.

Back in the studio I prepare a set list for Saturday night’s show at the Eden Festival then spend some time on a mix for Diana.

Margaret’s making crispy pork belly and it turns out really good….

Tuesday 11 June 2024

The prototypes evolve and..I think…improve with an epoxy infill….

WE have a bit of a lie in then I get busy with the routine tasks.

My plan is to go for a paddle after an 11am phone consultation with the mental health nurse from our doctor’s surgery. When 11am comes I wish to finish my first attempt at making paneer…but no call. I finish the process, tidy up then go out to the office to try out an epoxy infill on the Wildcats’ prototype merch I cast yesterday,

The postie picks up some merch and delivers an Apple USB-c charging cable for the MacBook I use in the house. A replacement for the one delivered yesterday that didn’t work…the MacBook stopped charging after, I think, someone maybe tripped over the cable and pulled it to the ground damaging the cable plug at the computer end.

Anyway, the new Apple cable doesn’t work either.I checked the fuse in the plug and all sorts yesterday – now, I think, the problem may be with the MacBook itself. Half an hour of numerous restarts and holding down various key combinations and I do something right…it works 🙂

Before I know it my afternoon guitar student arrives. After his lesson I finish off the Wildcats’ merch infill and am pleased with the results.

Another guitar student – online this time – then it’s time to head along to the village hall for the ,local community trust AGM. We’re back home soon after 9pm and get the pizza oven fired up….

Monday 10 June 2024

I do some prototyping for what could become very limited edition Wildcats’ merch…

MY USUAL Monday routine kicks off with an online guitar student…then I hit the office to work on an idea I have for some exclusive limited edition Wildcats’ merch.

If they work out, these pins and pendants will be a premium piece of merch – just five of each. Signed and numbered on the back.

Back in the studio I prepare some video to spin into to night’s Wildcats’ livestream on Facebook. My early afternoon online guitar student has moved to evening for one week only.

I have a young guitar student and her mum later in the afternoon then I finish off the raw prototype pendants and pins. The first attempts were poor so it was back to the drawing board. there revised design etc come out good. I might fill them with epoxy or leave them raw metal…we’ll see what the Wildcats folks think later on 😉

Another online guitar lesson then the Wildcats’ livestream,

After dinner I head out to the office and pack up another bunch of merch orders ready for the post to collect in the morning.

Sunday 9 June 2024

CATRIONA and the kids are coming so I nip over to the studio to get some stuff done before they get here.

Best laid plans…the computer gets stuck in a ‘restart after login’ loop then the screen goes blank. Fuck sake.

Instead of getting an early start and laid of stuff done, I’ve got nothing done and spend the rest of the morning troubleshooting to try and get back up and running.

Eventually I get things going but none of the external drives are mounting. I take a break and chill with everyone and get back on the case after they’ve gone.

I finally get everything sorted and reward myself with a walk in the woods then start on tonight’s enchiladas.

Saturday 8 June 2024

Phil and Marion at Kilmaronock…

WE have a bit of long lie. When we get up, Sandy has dropped off some plants and veg 🙂

There’s some merch orders to be packed up and postage printed. Some, though, have Wildcats’ hoodie and t-shirt pre-orers, so they’ll have to wait until they’re ready.

Before I can tackle the pleats Sandy left I need to get some more tomatillos out the hydroponics and potted. The tomatillos that are already in ‘the greenhouse’ are looking strong and have lots of flowers but I’ma little concerned that they’re not showing much sign of fruiting. I’ve been cross pollinating every time I go past them…maybe it’s too cold or the plants are all the same sex. Fuck nows. We’ll just have to wait and see.

W have a (very) early evening meal then go to Balloch for some shopping before arriving at Kilmaronock Old kirk where our pals Marion and Phil are playing a show.

We have a grand evening and not too late home where we watch the final episode in the end Rebus series…a bit of a disappointing ‘leave it to your imagination’ ending…

Friday 7 June 2024

RELEASE day for Key to the Highway…I get some social media posting and stuff done before heading off to the school in Balloch.

I have a good morning with the kids and get hime just in. time for my guitar student arriving with her dogs at midday.

I’m making lunch when Margaret calls me through – she’s had a call from ‘British Airways’ and got suspicious. Turns out all the calls from ‘British Airways’ customer service have been a sophisticated scam attempt, probably from someone monitoring my Tweeted complaints! Luckily Margaret smelled a rat and we cancel her credit card etc before any damage is done.

After lunch I realise that we’re skint – I have a load of bills due on Monday and no money in the bank. We’re still waiting on payments for the Stirling and Irvine shows (both being paid by local councils!) and I already paid Andres his share. We’d hoped to have been paid by now.

In a desperate bid to save our cashflow I get Wildcats’ hoodies and t-shirts on pre-order, add some Wildcats’ mugs and also post a ‘free-plus-postage’ offer for a limited quantity o my debut solo album Come With Me.

Early evening we wander along the lochside for dinner with Betty and her pal Liz who’s visiting from Aberdeen….

Thursday 6 June 2024

YouTube premier for Key to the Highway…scheduled for 7.30pm tomorrow (Friday)…

AFTER breakfast the flight booking debacle for the Finland tour continues….British Airways’ website still throwing out our booking attempts and Margaret’s back on the phone.

A more sympathetic call handler this time who can;t help but will get someone to call back later. At the same time I do a screen recording of the ‘booking’ so I have it in the bag should I decide to escalate. Meantime I tag British Airways in some tweets.

Ginny, John and their pals arrive – they’re over form the ‘States on a road trip and are stopping by to take us to lunch. We have a grand couple fo Horus catching up.

Back in the office I dig out my contract with Dixiefrog Records – there’s a dispute with PPL over ownership of some recordings and subsequent royalties. The term of the agreement ended in 2016, so I need to get this resolved pronto.

I’m just finishing completing spreadsheets and reports to send PPL when my evening guitar student arrives.

We have a good lesson then I go back to the studio and get some West Highland Way Gifts’ stuff listed on Etsy while Margaret makes dinner.

After dinner it’s back to the studio – I need to get Key to the Highway video posts scheduled and an email ready to go out for release day tomorrow (Friday)….

Wednesday 5 June 2024

My latest scratch plate creation for the Acosutasonic Tele…

I’M READY and waiting for my guitar student. Before taking her to the studio for her lesson I say cheerio to Steph and Opal who will be leaving shortly.

Next job is to record some guitar for an NHX charity single scheduled for release down south later in the year. I track some electric guitar and some slide. They won’t work together, but it’ll give the producer some options.

After packing up a couple of merch orders I take a walk up the loch side and drop into Betty’s to help sort a Sonos problem.

Margaret’s pulling her hair out trying to book flights for next month’s Finland trip. For the last few days the British Airways website is allowing her top get right through the flight selection and booking before throwing an error after payment…or coming up with a page saying’ someone must have bookend these flights while you were in the process’. She tried online help chat and subsequent phone calls to no avail. We try on various machines, browsers and phones. No luck.

Tuesday 4 June 2024

I GET busy in the studio after breakfast. A lot of social media posts and content to be scheduled for the next few days.

The new ‘slimline’ bookcase/shelf unit Margaret ordered arrives mid-morning. I take a break to help her build it up before she goes off to Stirling for some shopping.

My pal Kevin takes a run out to visit in his new car and we chat over coffee…talking over plans for the next single to be released form his forthcoming album.

I have a guitar student coming later in the afternoon and while we’re in the studio Steph and Opal rock up. They’re back here for a night before heading home to Tennessee tomorrow (Wednesday).

After a walk up the loch side I make mushroom risotto and we chat awhile before a relatively early night.

Monday 3 June 2024

I edit up a bit of video to spin into the Wildcats’ livestream win Facebook

UP early for the usual Sunday morning sourdough baking. Once the bread’s done and out to cool (for a hour before cutting!) I get some work done.

After my first Zoom guitar student I take a break and have a coffee in the sunshine then get back to the studio. I promised the Wildcats I’d have some t-shirt ideas for tonight’s livestream.

Lunch in the garden then another online session with a guitar student. Once I’m clear I edit up some footage of Whisky Trail from the recent Tolbooth gig in Stirling to spin into the livestream later.

An in-person guitar student late afternoon then I finish off the draft t-shirt design ideas and prep for the livestream


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