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Tuesday 20 February 2018

I get a start setting up and programming the Fractal AX8 in the studio…impressive piece of gear, but a big learning curve…

AFTER looking out some images for Rab from the photoshoot a few weeks ago I get onto some web stuff he needs me to look into.

I probably spend too long on it, but am keen to get things exactly as he wants them and before I know it, it’s lunchtime. 

An earlier phonecall from FedEx asks if I’ll be in tomorrow (Wednesday) for delivery of the G10 wireless I ordered yesterday (Monday) for next day delivery…ie: today. So why are they asking if I’ll be around tomorrow? Of course I challenge the FedEx caller who keeps avoiding the question and asking about ‘tomorrow’. The game wears thin and I lose the tattie with him a bit and he says he’ll get a driver to deliver today.

I’m having lunch when I hear a van pull up…but it’s not FedEx, it’s UPS who are delivering the Fractal AX88 that isn’t scheduled to be here until tomorrow. That’s good, ‘cos I wanna get it properly programmed and give it a whirl at Friday’s gig in Aberdeen so we can make sure it cuts the mustard. if it doesn’t it’ll be going back. So good to have some time today to get a start.

I set up the AX8 in the studio and get a call form FedEx…a driver this time – and they;re in the village but can;t find us.  I give him directions and a nice BMW pulls up and the driver hands me the package. Looks like FedEx fucked up and had to send someone in their own car!

Back in the studio I set the G10 wireless up to charge – I’ll test it later – and continue trying to get my head round the rather complex Fractal AX8. The Mac-based editor works a treat and offers a more intuitive start to the programming/setup.

I spend a few hours working on it and first impressions are that it’s pretty amazing. Margaret thinks so too, so looking good. The G10 wireless works well too…but that’s for another day as I need to get into the office and get a load of (digital) contracts out for the USA shows booked so far.

It’s well after 8pm when I get into the house and get dinner on the go. I’ve got a phoner meeting at 9pm and wanna be through with dinner before the call.

We eat, then at 9pm on the dot the phone rings and an hour of chatter follows with arrangements made for a meeting at the end of March.

Monday 19 February 2018

THERE’S a few interesting projects coming out of Glasgow and I register my interest in one of them. May go nowhere, but worth a try.

I have a quite a lot of online promo to do for upcoming shows and spend the rest of the morning getting everything up to speed. In between times, Line 6 have brought out a new, bottom of the range, cheap wireless system – the G10.

When I say bottom of the range I don’t mean in build or quality…it just doesn’t have a whole load of built-in extras like tuners and A/B switching. I only use my existing unit to send/receive the guitar signal and I like the simplicity if the G10 – and the fact that there’s no patch cable…and even moreso, the fact that the transmitter plugs into the receiver to charge. Neat.

Having sold the guitar amp, I can afford (just?) to order one and give it a whirl. It will coincide with the AX8 coming this week so I can try everything out without having to dismantle my exisiting pedalboard. Like the AX8, if it’s crap or I don;t like it, it can go back!

After lunch I spend a few hours on the USA booking. I need to pull in all my contracts and start gathering other documentation in support of my O-1 visa petition/application.

Fresh air calls…and I need to do a couple of facebook Livestreams – one to my personal profile and the other to my music page – so I take a walk up the lochside to my favoured ‘decent 4G connection spot’ and do the livestreams.

I realise I’d scheduled a catch up with my pal Rab on the phone,so sit down on the lochside and do just that.

On the way home I meet Margaret at Betty and Joe’s and my alcohol-free day plan is bust within minutes!




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