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Tuesday 24 April 2018

We get home just as Mikey’s finishing off painting the kitchen..great job 🙂

WE’RE both off into Glasgow early doors and leave Mikey to get on with painting the kitchen.

I have a meeting at lunchtime, so spend a couple of hours nursing a coffee and using McDonalds as my temporary office. At last, I hope, I have nailed all the supporting documentation, itineraries and the three-year-plan to support my O-1 visa petition for the ‘States.

There’s mail to be picked up from the mailbox and I go about the rest of the days business before picking up some shopping.

Mikey’s just finishing up when we get home and has done a great job.

Margaret’s keen to clean the kitchen blind before it goes back up and the four blinds from our hall are also down for cleaning. She’d planned to get someone in Glasgow to clean ’em but they have no slots ’til next week…so we hang them outside on the rotary dryer, spray them with detergent, brush them and then hose them down then leave them to dry. Just saved ourselves sixty quid…I hadn’t been aware how much it was gonna cost to have them cleaned!

Mikey heads off home, we have a quick, early dinner and Margaret goes to a local community trust meeting – I join them after an hour or so and enjoy a glass or two of red.

Monday 23 April 2018

I HIT the studio right after breakfast and spend a good hour or so trying to massage the three potential new songs into something worth progressing.

I grab a coffee in the house then start working on visa stuff – collating more stuff to support my petition.

After a quick break for lunch it’s back tot eh visa stuff and I get most of the stuff sorted by the time Mikey rolls up – he’s coming to stay tonight…and paint the kitchen/

We blether for a while, Mikey makes a start and I finish off a few bits and bobs in the office before making dinner,


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