Dave’s daily blog….

Tuesday 21 May 2019

A CRAZY day today – lots to sort out before we leave for Estonia and Finland early tomorrow.

I spend the morning trying to sort out some stuff for the start of the summer USA tour. Time’s running out and there’s some holes that need filled pronto.

There’s some felt mats in the office that need to be cut to provide some protection for the guitars while in transit so I make up some templates and get them made. The mats have been sitting there for weeks and I just haven’t got round to it…now its crucial as we fly tomorrow!

Betty drops by for a quick coffee then I accompany Margaret on a couch to 5k outing round some of the forest tracks. I don’t really have time, but I need some fresh air and this is likely the only chance I’ll get get today.

We have our gyoza lunch in the sunshine then I get back on the USA stuff and Margaret finalises last minute hotels and transport for this upcoming trip.

In the studio I pack the gear then get back to the house and make some corn tortillas for our pulled pork tacos.

Its late when we eat, but there’s still a million things to prepare for a 6am getaway in the morning…

Monday 20 May 2019

UP at 7am…Catriona’s already up with Freya. I need to get a load of stuff done before I go to yoga at 9.30 then straight into Glasgow.

After breakfast I fire through my to do list and even have time for a quick ‘to-do list’ meeting with Margaret before I go.

Yoga’s tough today. I missed last week and a new routine for the class…and I’ll miss next week when we’re in Estonia and Finland.

I head into Glasgow and get my business done there, p[ick up some shopping and make it home before midday.

First job on the cards when I get back is a video edit for Brexit Blues. It takes me ’til mid-afternoon, but I’m, quite pleased with the result. We’ll release it on Friday 7 June to co-incide with the single release.

We need new merchandise price lists for the Estonia/Finland trip so I print and laminate a few then make up and p[rint set lists for all the shows.

Margaret’s busy making some extra badges and I realise that we’ll be away on 1 June and I really need my eNewsletter scheduled and ready to go.

Suddenly it’s 6.30pm and I really need some fresh air…my head’s about to explode. I take a walk up the lochside for an hour or so and clear my head.

After dinner we sort out some Dropbox issues…a great free (and paid) resource, but as of March the free service restricted the number of devices accessing an account to three which is no good for us – two laptops, two iPhones and an iPad. Oh, and my old laptop and the studio machine too. I take out the cheapest subscription they do and hope that’ll solve the restriction issue.