Saturday 21 April 2018

Martin, Mark and Ken giving it large on stage at Martin’s birthday bash. Great night.

I’M just finished breakfast and getting on with some work when my pal Martyn calls to see if I’m covering a Music in Hospitals event in the village this morning.

Nope. Never heard of it and the woman organising hasn’t been in  touch…and there’s zero publicity info anywhere. Martyn;s been roped into filming the event and the ten minutes originally stated has now evolved into him having to be around for three hours or more. 

Normally I’d have taken a camera and done a wee photo feature, but the fact that the organiser hasn’t bothered letting us (or anyone else, for that matter) know indicates there is no perceived value in website or our social media coverage so I don’t bother. I do go down to see Martyn tho’ and we have a good wee blether.

Back home Betty and Joe ave stopped in for a coffee and to see the new kitchen. They;re closely followed by Catriona who takes Margaret into Glasgow to meet Les (Margaret’s sister). I’ll drive into town later and met them.

I get some bits and bobs sorted out and prepare a pork loin for the smoker tomorrow.

It’s after 5pm when I meet Margaret – Catriona and Les head off home and we nip into the west end for some grub at Dumpling Monkey before going to our pal Martin’s 60th birthday bash at the Queen Margaret Union.

We have a great night catching up with lots of pals and folks we haven;t seen in a while. Martin is music professor at Glasgow University but currently on a three-year sting at Turku University in Finland – a city we know well.

Pre-party food at Dumpling Monkey – great food and amazing value 🙂