Tuesday 2 October 2018

Jesse Malin at Coney Island Baby, NYC

GOOD morning New York!

The guitars have arrived and the concierge guys have ’em downstairs. I go and pick them up and all’s well so we celebrate by going for breakfast at the Silver Dollar diner a couple of blocks away on 2nd.

Back ay Ginny’s we go down to the storage area in the basement and pickup all our USA tour stuff as well as my National ResoTone and the banjo.

I tune up the instruments and we do a quick livestream then Margaret gets busy folding and rolling t-shirts. We decide the best way to pack ’em is rolling thump with some masking tape round them marked with the size. We don’t have any masking tape tho’, so I go out an find an art supplier shop inside the interior design school then stop off at Morton Williams…a cool grocery store we like…and pick up some sushi and a couple of treats for lunch.

We eat then tape up and mark the shirts, do a little more work then make our way downtown to find something to eat before we go to Coney Island Baby to see Jesse Malin. The noodle place Margaret checked out inline is mobbed and there’s no chance of a table. After  wee bit of wandering about we find a poke bowl place which is pretty good then carry in to the bar/venue.

The support bands are good and the place fills up. I’m amazed there’s only one toilet cubicle for the entire place…mind you, at ten bucks a drink people probably don’t pish much here!

Jesse and his band – including hr guitar player I saw him with in Glasgow a couple weeks ago. – hit the stage soon after 10pm and play a storming 90-minute set.

When we get outside after the show there’ major rainstorm going on. After a couple of false starts we manage to get an Uber which drops us off back on the upper east side and we fall into bed at Ginny’s…


Friday 30 January 2016

I stumble across a neatly edited clip from River City earlier this year featuring yours truly….click above to watch!

ANOTHER (!) long lie. Yesterday’s alcohol-free day and exercise doesn’t seem to have made waking up any easier.

Ah well, can’t have done any harm.

Once the decks are clear I put a little more thought into a possible live album project. Looks like we need some serious cash before we can start any serious planning tho’.

While looking for something else online, I find someone’s edited and uploaded a clip from BBC Scotland’s River City that I appeared in back in May.

In the studio I search through various hard drives –backups, archives etc – and realise that I need another drive if I’m going to keep archiving stuff. At least, even, just to shuffle the archive files between drives. Apparently they degrade even if they’re being used. Jeez. 

I also need to make a decision on whether or not to keep the gigabytes’-worth of unused footage from various projects. I shuffle stuff around but not really sure if I’m achieving anything.

It’s getting late when I head back to the house for dinner and collapse in front of the telly and watch a documentary about Adele and chill.


Sunday 6 November 2016

Great time playing the final show of the tour at Rockwood Music Hall, New York

Great time playing the final show of the tour at Rockwood Music Hall, New York

WE wake up in the van in McDonalds’ car park around 6.45am. Feeling a bit rough…and drive the couple of blocks to Enterprise to hand the rental back.

Looks like it doesn’t open ’til 9am tho’, so we walk back to McDonalds and have some breakfast and the place is open by the time we wander back.

Then New York Marathon is playing havoc with the roads in Manhattan, but a bus and a subway ride get us to Lexington then a short walk to my cousin Ginny’s place where we’re staying. She’s already been downstairs and brought up all the gear we dropped off at 3am…we have a chat then grab a couple of hours sleep.

An Uber ride gets us and my gear downtown to Rockwood Music Hall in good time for my 5pm show…we load in and then nip across the road to Arlene’s Grocery for a quick drink where our pal Siouxie joins us…then back to Rockwood for a quick set up and…showtime!

Ginny, John and bunch of cousins and friends are in for the show and I have a great time playing…cool to see everyone 🙂

We hang out for a drink afterwards and watch a set from San Diego artist Hilary Lankford…then join everyone for a bite to eat in a nearby Greek restaurant. 

There’s time for another drink and we hang out for a wee while downtown then head back to Ginny and John’s….been a great tour and whirlwind five weeks, but we’re knackered and need some sleep 🙂

We're lucky to catch some great music from Hilary Lankford....

We’re lucky to catch some great music from Hilary Lankford….

...then dinner with family and friends...so cool to see everyone :-)

…then dinner with family and friends…so cool to see everyone 🙂





Tuesday 3 May 2016

I make my debut as an extra on River City and play my first ever open mic night...first appearance at 35.48..... :-) Click above to watch.

I make my debut as an extra on River City and play my first ever open mic night…first appearance at 35.48….. 🙂
Click above to watch.

ANOTHER early start into Glasgow. I drop Margaret off then take the car back to the garage in Maryhill.

They need their electrical guy to reset the service interval thingy and our heater’s been playing funny buggers, so he’ll have a look at that too.

I take a walk into town with the idea of a coffee and free wifi at McDonalds, but the torrential rain makes it a better idea to stop at Starbucks at Charing X where I have an overpriced coffee. I make up for it by sitting and using their wifi for a good couple of hours.

A further foray into town takes me to the Buchanan Galleries. I remember I have a voucher for a free coffee and cake in John Lewis, so I enjoy an hour in the cafe there and get some more work done courtesy of Buchanan Galleries’ free wifi.

I daunder back to Maryhill and get the car then pick up Margaret before the usual weekly Chinese supermarket/Costco/Tesco shopping experience.

Back home we drop some stuff off to Barbara and Betty, it away the shopping and go for a quick walk through the forest making sure we’re back home in time for my debut as an ‘extra’ on River City. I was lucky and got a pretty good spot…and to play a (small) bit of one of my songs in one of the scenes. Can’t believe it;s been two months since the filming.

My appearance generates some good banter on Facebook…then I go and make lemongrass and lime tofu and drink more beer.

After we eat I’m in no mood for ,more work so we veg in front of the telly with a  wee dram and take it easy.




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