Sunday 22 May 2016

WE’RE up at a reasonable time. Weather looks good for kayaking but I need to call Jock and check he’s happy with the forecasts and letting the kayaks go out.

All’s good. Margaret’s comes down to Jock’s with Louise, Martyn, Mikey and I – she’s not up for kayaking today, but  keen to know more and take some snaps.

We go through the paperwork with Jock and have a coffee while he gives us a comprehensive safety briefing and other info. It’s first time kayaking on Loch Lomond for all of us, so we welcome all the info.

Soon, we’re in the water and head for our first stop – the beach at Port Bawn on the far end of Inchcailloch. It’s a good 45 minute paddle and we’re the only ones there when we land. After a sandwich we take a walk to the old burial ground , but when we het back a few boatloads of folks have been dropped off and the beach is busy.

We re-launch and head for another island, Torrinch…it’s not that far, but all our canoes need baled out. We’re sitting in what feels like gallons of water!

After a brief stop we move on to Clairinsh where we have some more grub and hang out on the beach for a while. It’s like being in the Caribbean.

I’m pretty sore by this time and time’s getting on so we head back to shore, take the canoes back to Jock, wander home and sit in the garden with a beer. Everyone’s had a great time. Can’t wait to do it again.

Martyn and Louise head for home and I jump in the shower in the hope of relieving the aches and pains from the paddling…it helps, but only a bit. Thunk Martyn and I need bigger canoes!

Margaret takes Mikey to Stirling to get a train back to Dundee and I get a little work done and start making dinner and chill the rest of the evening.

A great day out on the loch

A great day out on the loch…and we couldn’t have asked for better weather