Friday 25 November 2017

Rab Noakes and Emma Pollock…their songs together – and Rab’s rendition of Girl from the North Country with Roddy Hart – were my highlights of the ‘Concert for Stewart’ 🙂

OFF into Glasgow’s icy and snowy. Brrrr…..

I drop Margaret off then hole myself up in McDonalds for a coffee and free wifi. I get a bunch of work done while I drink my coffee and manage to send a 150+ meg video file I’ve been working on in just a few minutes. Impossible from home broadband!

The extra order of  ‘Dave Arcari’ Glencairn glasses and whisky tumblers is ready so next stop is the manufacturer in East Kilbride to pick ’em up, We sold out the first batch in just a couple of weeks, so hopefully this’ll keep orders fulfilled both at tomorrow (Saturday) night’s show in Strathblane and also from my online store.

I’ve some other bits and bobs to do then pop into Chem19 studios to see Paul for a coffee.

Once I’ve met Margaret we pick up tickets for tonight’s ‘Concert for Stewart’ (Cruickshank…radio and music champion who sadly died a couple years ago) then head to St Luke’s & the Winged Ox for some grub before the show.

Lots of pals to catch up with before doors open then we enjoy a night of varied and mostly excellent music…my highlight being Rab Noakes’ rendition of Girl Form the North Country (one of my very favourite Dylan songs) with Roddy Hart.

It’s icy underfoot when we leave, but Margaret gets us home safely and I tumble into bed.

Davie Scott, left, and Duglas Stewart (far right) kick of the Concert for Stewart in style