Friday 24 June 2016

Four shows during Dundee's Almost Blue Festival next weekend

Four shows during Dundee’s Almost Blue Festival next weekend

A LITTLE more work to archive all my old accounts, then a blitz on organising the to-do list and everything else.

I mess around with Asana again and start pulling in all the tasks – not just from Trello, but also from the huge pile that’s been growing on the office desk..

Looks like my schedule for next weekend’s Almost Blue Festival in Dundee is sorted so I sort new artwork and do some work on promoting my shows.

By the end of the day I have cleared the office desk completely. Everything’s filed away or binned and all the tasks and bit of paper with notes transferred into Asana. Still a bit of work to do before we sit down on Monday and get organised, but at least the clutter has gone.

We have an early dinner as Barbara and Thorsten are stopping in for a drink later…