Saturday 20 October 2018

We manage to catch a few songs from our pals Dig Deep at Badger State Brewery before heading to ZZQ for my load in

NOT much time to hang around this morning – we need to get to Green Bay and pay Kip at Printables Inc for the tour t-shirts he printed and shipped to New York.

He’s around ’til 1pm.We leave Wausau int he snow and hit Green Bay and Kip’s place with 15 minutes to spare. Great top see him and hang out for a while.

My show at ZZQ isn’t ’til 3pm and our pals Dig Deep are playing at the Badger Brewery taproom at 1pm. We drop by to see them and have Philly cheesesteaks for lunch before checking into our motel and hitting ZZQ.

Booker Misty is waiting for us – and some folks in the music room are wrestling with an old PA system. They call for help and soon Jesse arrives, disses the house PA and brings in his own rig!

We’re up and running pretty quick and I have a blast playing a couple o 45-minute sets. Shame the show was moved from a nighttime show to the afternoon, but there’s still a good bunch of folks in. The Dig Deep guys have hot-footed down after their show and catch a few songs, we sell some merch and chat folks then I tidy up the stage area.

Pete – Dig Deep bass player – ands wife Chris hang out with us for some dinner and a few drinks. Great to catch up with them…these guys became pals on very first trip to the USA back in 2013.

We’re back at the motel soon after 10pm and relax a while before crashing.

Fun and games at ZZQ in Green Bay

And a wee Glengoyne with our pals Pete (Dig Deep), Chris, ZZQ owner Bob and booker Misty…


Monday 2 April 2018

Apple Pencil is a game-changer πŸ™‚

I WAKE up to a dozen or so emails from a web client – she’s forwarding security notifications and worried her website’s been hacked.

I have a dig about and find it’s automatic updates to the her website’s XML sitemap which is triggering the alerts. I create an exception to avoid the notifications and send her a message telling her all’s OK snd not to worry. Still, that’s an hour of my morning gone already…but she’s a good client and I don’t want to charge her.

Margaret’s embarking on a fitness program, so I head out with her and am glad to get some fresh air for half an hour. Everywhere’s still shut for the Easter weekend so things are a little more relaxed today.

In the studio I revisit the song idea I’ve been banging around for the last week. It’s on the short side, so really needs another verse and maybe a wee instrumental bit. Think I’ll wait ’til I do a songwriting livestream and  get some feedback from folks while coming up with that…might be a useful experiment.

Dunno if it’s last night’s red wine excess or the fresh air earlier, but I’m knackered by late afternoon. Margaret takes a walk along to see Betty and I get some more practice in with the Apple pencil. Still infatuated with it! I download a vector drawing iPad app called Graphic which, especially when used with the pencil, is another amazing revelation.

Another air fryer experiment – I don’t usually do anything to the tofu (other than press it) before putting it in a green curry, but I decide to air fry it first. Comes out great texture, but overall the resulting curry is a bit salty. Think it must be the soy sauce in the marinade for the tofu on our next trip into the Chinese cash’n’carry.




Wednesday 24 January 2018

From this…to this…to this…the green curry paste process πŸ™‚

TOP of my list today is to try and give my shows a higher profile/visibility in Google search using Google’s ‘data highlighter’.

Because my tour dates come in via Bandsintown, Google doesn’t index them as individual events, so yesterday I set up a hidden gigs page on my website and a set of individual gig pages – one for each show – behind it.

I check using Google’ Search Console (part of Webmaster Tools…anyone with a website/s should have it/them linked to a Google account to access all this good stuff) this morning and  Google has indexed these pages already, so now I can use the data highlighter tool to map information in a way that Google can understand and index.

Might take a few days to see if it works, but if it does it could be a game changer. To find out more check out this great article.

I venture back to the house to make a big batch of green curry paste.

The replacement double battery box (and a spare) has arrived so I check my toolbox to see what I might need to do the repair…no solder or desoldering braid left, so  go onto Amazon and order what I need.

After lunch I go back to the studio and film a bunch of green screen stuff to make up some Facebook videos for the upcoming Scottish shows. I drop in some backgrounds and create the social media-favoured square format for the first video then post it on YoTube and Facebook…once it;s got some traction I’ll turn it into an ad.

In the office there’s some USA booking stuff to progress and also an invitation to speak at a music industry event in Edinburgh I need to respond to.

Finally I get the spicy beef ramen underway, we eat, watch some telly and then some zzzzzzZZZs


Saturday 4 February 2017

At The Green Room, Perth

THE merch that had gone missing en route to the USA has turned up! Phew!

But there’s some orders come in thatI need to get packed up and away before the last post pickup at midday.

Also realised I hadn’t made up set lists for tonight’s show.

There’s lots to get done before I can get into the studio – we’ve got folks coming for dinner tomorrow and I’m planning to smoke a pork loin. I get a big dod of pork loin, trim off as much of the excess fat then make a bacon lattice, add some ‘Memphis dust’ rub and wrap the pork in the bacon. Ready for the smoker tomorrow πŸ™‚

In the studio I pull in all the audio files from Thursday’s show into ProTools. All’s good except that the sample rate of the stuff direct from the mixing desk is different to what we recorded with the stereo pair of mics out front…so after a few minutes the tracks are out of sync πŸ™

No time to work it all out now, so we sort some of the gear for the gig and had to Perth. We need to get there before 5pm so I can pick up any sales cash from the record store.

Next stop, the venue. We load in and Ewan soundchecks things…there’s a few setbacks (only one of the venue;s six DI boxes works!) and the stage is a bit rickety to say the least, but he’s on the case and does a grand job.

Lee arrives and soundchecks, we grab some pizza then doors open at 8pm..there’s a good wee crowd in when Lee kicks things off and by the time I’m onstage things have hotted up a bit. A steady stream of drams from Will, Catriona, Greig and Les keep me fuelled through out my set and there’s time, for a blether and a few drinks afterwards.

We drop Catriona and Will off on the way home, and roll up home sometime around 2am. Bed.

Dave Arcari is a full-time touring alternative blues (alt.blues) guitar player
 and songwriter 
based on the eastern shores of Loch Lomond, Scotland

Lee opens the Perth show



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