Monday 17 October 2016

Part two of the US tour videoblog – Monday 10 to Sunday 16 October in six minutes!

MARGARET got a good deal on a family swanky hotel in Milwaukee – two nights’ too 🙂

Not only is there no gig tonight, but staying the same place for two nights means we can get some work done. I start with part two of the tour videoblog.

Trawling through a weeks’-worth of video clips takes a while, and editing it down to a reasonable length of five or six minutes is a job and a half! Add to that adjusting the colour etc of the clips, recording a voice-over and sorting sound and it takes me over four hours…more than enough time for Margaret to get a load of  washing done in the hotel’s laundry!

When I’m done I start uploading the finished video to Facebook and we head out.

First stop is the Harley Davidson Museum – quite a place – then we go further in to town to find the Fonz statue. Cult 70’s sitcom Happy Days was filmed in Milwaukee and when I was 11 or 12 we all wanted to be The Fonz.

The ‘Bronze Fonz’ statue is on the riverside walk but while the clothing and stance are perfect, the face doesn’t much resemble Henry Winkler’s character as I remember him. Still, it’s fun to see.

We take a wander around downtown, finally deciding on the Rock Bottom Brewery for dinner…we sit outside beside the river and enjoy a beer and a steak before heading back to the hotel. The videoblog has uploaded to Facebook, so I start an upload to YouTube – I have to say, though, I think from a ‘number of views’ angle, Facebook is far ahead of YouTube…

We visit the Harley museum...

We visit the Harley museum…

..then find 'The Fonz' beside the river

..then find ‘The Fonz’ beside the river




Sunday 28 August 2016

Been a great weekend with everyone at Thunder in the Glens....

Been a great weekend with everyone at Thunder in the Glens….

WHEN I get out the shower and go downstairs Joyce has breakfast on the go – mega fry-up for everyone.

Once we’ve eaten I stick some of the photos from yesterday in a web gallery – see ’em here – then we pack the car and head up Cairngorm to see the bikes and chill for a while. Despite having been in Aviemore many times, I’ve never been up to Cairngorm. It’s a great wee run and an amazing spot.

We say cheerio to everyone and make for home, stopping in Perth for a few bits of shopping.

We’re home soon after 5pm and get unpacked and tidied up. I do a wee bit work then make pepper beef noodles.

Once we’ve eaten we wander along to see Betty and Joe, enjoy a couple of glasses of red then home…

Saturday 27 August 2016

Will and Joyce roll into Grantown on Spey

Will and Joyce roll into Grantown on Spey

WILL knocks up chilli pancakes with maple bacon for breakfast then he, Joyce and Mike get ready for the Thunder in the Glens hideout.

Our plan is to catch them on the way out of town, but we miss them, so we head out to Grantown on Spey and watch everyone roll into town There’s a great atmosphere and we hang out a while then make our way back to Aviemore and a late lunch at the Mountain cafe.

Back at the house I go through the day’s photos then have a wee rest before the grill in the garden’s fired up and we crack open our first beers of the day.

It’s after 9pm when we make our way back down town to the Cairngorm Hotel and enjoy a few drinks…the music has been pretty middle of the road. Mostly cover bands and folks aren’t paying much attention – I guess this is a social event for folks to meet up and chat rather than listen to music.

We bump into our pal Jake and catch up then wander back to the house for  a wee nightcap. A  great day out 🙂

One of my favourite pix of the day....

One of my favourite pix of the day….

Friday 26 August 2016

Quick selfie from Will before we hit the town centre for Thunder....

Quick selfie from Will before we hit the town centre for Thunder….

ONCE again the garden’s like a scene from The Hangover after last night;s cookout – bit of a tidy up job to do before we head to Aviemore for Thunder in the Glens.

Lots of other stuff to do to. Margaret’s making rhubarb pies for the coffee shop. She hoped to make an extra one for tomorrow’s flower show, but there’s not enough rhubarb. Meantime, I tidy the garden, get some work done and look out a photo to enter i not the flower show.

There’s lots of stuff to pack for Aviemore too…food, drink another stuff. We need to drop off Betty and Joe’s car port/shelter too…glad we got it down last night.

I’m still pretty hangover when we hit the road and Margaret drives all the way. We roll up at the house Catriona and Will have rented for the weekend.

Catriona, Will, Viv, Mike and Joyce are already there and have the frill fired up in the garden.

After eating we hit the town centre and catch some live music, loads people and bikes and a magic firework display. Awesome 🙂