Sunday 24 September 2017

My two forty-five minute sets go by in a frenzy – and a full house at the Hope Tavern 🙂

ONLY about 80 miles to go today and we have a courtesy late checkout at the hotel near Weatherby.

We have a lazy morning and catch up on some work then hit the road. 

First stop is Halford in Selby to pick up a mains adaptor for our powered coolbox. The 12v car cable is working fine but the adaptor that lets us plug into 240v mains in hotel rooms and stuff seems to have given up the ghost.

We roll up at the Hope Tavern in Holton le Moor at two o;clock and are immediately greeted and sat down for a huge carvery lunch. My showtime is 4pm and if I’m not careful I’ll be playing sitting down!

After lunch the place is closed and the room prepared for the show – backdrops, PA, lighting…the whole shebang. 

The place is full when I take to the stage and  play my two 45-miniute sets. It’s a nice relaxed vibe and plenty of time to chat to folks round the merch table and enjoy a few drinks.

The promoter has booked us a hotel in nearby Market Rasen so we make our way there, check in then go out and find somewhere to eat. The only place we find open is an Indian restaurant…I love Indian food but have to be careful as there certain spices/blends that put me in the hospital. I choose carefully and we enjoy a lovely meal with no ill effects 🙂

I share a dram with venue owner Graeme after the show