Tuesday 30 August 2016

EARLY start into Glasgow. I drop Margaret off and go to grab some breakfast, deal with emails and get some work done.

Looks like a couple of cool gigs are on the cards to fill in some of the available dates on the USA tour. I’m indebted to the ongoing support and help from some of our musician pals over there – Left Lane Cruiser, Tom (20 Watt Tombstone) and the Dig Deep guys – who pull out all the stops to help. I hope to be able to return the favour some day.

I call our regular garage to see if they can help with our defunct driving lamp on the driver’s side…’bring it down’ says Stevie, so I do. Turns out to be more than the bulb and  Stevie spends a good half hour sorting a bust cable. They’ll ‘get the money next time’ 🙂

If ever there’s a reason to stay loyal to a service provider, this is a perfect example. I’ve lost count of how many time Stevie and Peter at Ashwood have saved our asses and got us out a fix.

There’s some shopping to get then, after picking up Margaret, we go for a coffee and cake at John Lewis (courtesy of their loyalty vouchers) then check out the newly re-opened Apple Store on Buchanan Street. I’m not sure there’s any improvement…maybe even not as good as before!

Next stop the CCA for a Creative Scotland/DIT seminar on international showcasing with an emphasis on SxSW and Midem. It’s a good event and nice to catch up with folks over a glass of wine afterwards.

It’s after 10pm when we leave…and we’ve not had any dinner, so it’s a very rare visit to a chippy. Not that we don’t enjoy it, but it’s not the healthiest option!