Thursday 22 November 2018

Splendid night at King Tuts πŸ™‚

WITH the car loaded with gear for tonight’s show at King Tuts we make our way into Glasgow early.

I drop Margaret off then go and set up camp in McDonalds for coffee and wifi to get some work done and last minute online promo etc for tonight’s gig.

There’s some merch to take to the post office then I park up in the city centre, go to the bank then hit Ramen Dayo! on Queen Street for lunch. I’ve missed this place – and the ramen is not only streets ahead of Wagamama or any other UK ramen place, but also great value. Tonkatsu miso black garlic ramen….jeez…it’s wonderful.

There’s a few other things I need to get done then I go and pick up Margaret  and we fight the traffic jams on our way to King Tuts. Gig rep Nick and engineer Chris – who’s done my sound a few times before – are ready and waiting as is my pal Andrew who’s opening up the show.

After soundcheck we have some dinner then relax in dressing room until doors open at 8.30pm and Andrew kicks things off at 9pm.

I’d been worried about the number of folks who’d said they were coming and messaged me earlier to say they couldn’t make it…I needn’t have worried. There’s a good crowd in when Andrew plays an extremely good half-hour opening set.

Folks have been arriving steadily and there’s more than a hint of enthusiasm in the air when I hit the stage for the next hour or so. A  bust string a couple of songs in doesn’t cause any problems and, if anything, brings the crowd even closer….and a steady stream of whisky fuels my performance nicely,

It’s a great night all round and after catching up with folks round the merch table we load out and  roll up back home just before 1am….

Absolutely fantastic opening set from Andrew Robert Eustace



Thursday 30 May 2018

Fantastic Negrito…nothing short of…erm…fantastic!

I DROP Margaret off, take the car to the garage for a service then walk into town to find some coffee and wifi.

After a few hours work and a coffee I walk up to Geoge Square and sit in the sunshine and do a little more work before dropping into the Scottish Music Centre for a blether with my pals there.

A quick visit to GuitarGuitar Digital then I pick up some sushi and a bottle of water.

The mechanic calls to say we need two new front tyres, new rear discs and pads and the radiator grille is completely gubbed. The radiator grille and front bumper assembly will have to wait..we don’t even have the cash for the essential work but it can’t wait.

I’m waiting on a response form the lawyers in New York dealing with my visa petition. I emailed them a new itinerary and extra contracts on Monday which was a holiday for them, called them (and left a voice mail) on Tuesday and finally got an email saying they were ‘busy catching up after the holiday’ and would respond tomorrow (ie: Wednesday – today). So far, nothing.

I meet Margaret at the garage then we hit Costco for a coffee and a bite to eat…we’re on the guest list for the Fantastic Negrito show at King Tut’s tonight.

Nice to see a good crowd in for the show…and lots of folks we know. Highway 491 kick things off, folllowed by Blue Milk the Fantastic Negrito who absolutely kills it. Amazing show.

It’s almost 1am when we roll up home – a pretty good night out πŸ™‚

Highway 491 kick things off at Tuts…

…ably followed by Blue Milk.


Monday 16 April 2018

I manage to reinstate the accidentally reformatted FlashAir card…

A 6.45am call from a courier with a delivery gets me out of bed…

No bad thing, really, as Margaret’s gonna be in Glasgow all day today and the kitchen folks are coming around 9am to start ripping out our cranky old kitchen.

After breakfast I tidy up some more stuff in preparation for the kitchen chaos and am already out in the office getting some work done when the guys arrive. 

I get them sorted out then back in the office embark on my first priority job – fixing the Toshiba FlashAir wifi camera card that I stupidly reformatted in the camera on Saturday resulting in the loss of the wifi functionality.

The Toshiba software won’t run on the latest Mac OS that runs on our laptops…and the big Mac in the studio is running an OS that;s too old so I had to try and find another way. Despite fruitless searching online – all pointing to reformatting the card using computer software – I mess about and fix things by accident. Re-setting the card and using the default wireless key to reconnect to the iOS app.

Next, I have a story to prepare for publication on the website later in the week.

I put together a makeshift lunch – avocado with tuna, spring onions and sriracha mayo – in the office then get busy with my dreaded tax return.

I’m about a third of the way thought when  the internet drops out and I realise the guys working in the house have turned the electricity off. A wee warning  would’ve been good!

Anyway, a few hours later, the tax return is done and submitted electronically. Phew.

King Tut’s announce my Glasgow show on Thursday 22 November and put tickets on sale here.

I have a  bunch more stuff to do then we head along to Betty and Joe’s – knowing our kitchen is out of order for the week, they’ve very kindly invited us along for dinner πŸ™‚



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