Tuesday 14 November 2017

Nice to catch up with Maggie and Niall at the Blues Kitchen πŸ™‚

AN EARLY start….up at 5am and on the road by 6am!

We stop at Carlisle for breakfast and pick up some sandwiches for lunch on the hoof later on. Swapping driving duties along the way, we head down the A1 and  make good time, hitting the Ramada at South Mimms just after 2am. Time to catch up on some work and have a rest then just a 15-mile drive to Camden. 

Of course, London traffic means that’s a good 90 minutes’ drive and we roll up at the Blues Kitchen just after 6pm.

After loading in we’re taken to our table for dinner – the usual great food. Cheeseburger for Margaret and a ‘two meats’ BBQ plate – brisket and ribs – for me…sweet potato fries and a much-need pint for each of us.

We hang out with the opening band for a while and then the bass player in my old London band arrives…been nearly 30 years! Great to catch up.

There’s a few folks we know in for the show. The opening act, Marchant, kick off just before 10pm and while really accomplished, are actually a covers band. They play a good selection of stuff but its not really the best match for the venue or myself.

It’s just after 11pm when I hit the stage. A crazy, sweaty hour later I’m done and get time for a chat with folks at the mercy table and say cheerio to some of the folks we know that have come in for the show.

We’re back at the hotel just after 1am and then realise we don’t have a corkscrew for the much-awaited bottle of red. I take the bottle downstairs to the bar where Agnes does the needful and soon we’re having  snack and a glass (or two) of red before bed.

A hot, sweaty stage at the Blues Kitchen, Camden

Tuesday 8 August 2017

Great to see Margaret’s cousin Steven and his pal John-Jo πŸ™‚

WE’VE a late checkout from the hotel in Birmingham – so plenty of time to get some last minute promo done for tonight’s (Tuesday) show in London.

Before we leave the city, though, Margaret insists we hit the Levi’s shop to try and get a new pair of jeans. My ‘current pair’ are a bit washed out but, worse, keep falling down…must be the stone or so I’ve lost by going low sugar/carb for the last few months.

We manage to get a pair of nice new black 511s – a new ‘skinnier’ style for me! 

Onwards to London and we get to our hotel in Hounslow – near Heathrow airport – just after 4pm, so there’s time to freshen up before making our way into Camden.

We load in at the Blues Kitchen and have a beer before being shown to our table which has been reserved for us by the show booker for 7.30pm. The hospitaility at this venue is always first class, as is the food – my ribs and burnt ends are spectacular and Margaret enjoys her cheeseburger.

Camden rocks!

After we’ve eaten, soundman Kostas arrives and we get set up ready for a 9.45pm start. Meantime, Margaret’s cousin Steven arrives with his pal John-Jo..Great to see them.

There’s a good crowd in and numerous folks come to say hello before I kick off. The stage is quite dimly lit as Kostas hasn’t quite got his head round the newly installed lights, but he does his usual great job with the sound. It’s also really warm!

The audience is fantastic and I have a blast then clear the stage for the late shift act  the Chris Corcoran trio.

We sell some merch and chat before Chris starts and catch up with folks from my last Nottingham show and others who we haven’t seen since I last played in Kettering years ago. Great to see everyone πŸ™‚

It’s after 1am when we get back to the hotel and we’re pretty puggled. Grand night.

Chris Corcoran trio plays the late shift at the Blues Kitchen

Tuesday 12 July 2016

WE enjoy a lazy breakfast with Chris and Richard then catch up on a bit of online work.

Awesome time at The Blues Kitchen :-)

Awesome time at The Blues Kitchen πŸ™‚

Our pal Barry is only a few miles away and he’s not been well recently so we drive over ti see him and catch up over a coffee.

Back at Chris and Richard’s we get some stuff ready for tonight’s show and have a nap before heading of to Camden.

After load-in at the Blues Kitchen we’re fed – the food is great here – and chat with folks we know as they arrive for the show – including an old school pal I haven’t seen for 36 years! We resolve to catch up.

By the time I take the stage at 10pm there’s a great crowd in. Costas does a great job on the sound and I have a great time…it;s really, really warm though! Lots of folks to chat to at the merch table then we load out and make our way back to Chris and Richards’ where we chat over a bottle of red and finally hit the sack sometime after 2am…Newcastle tomorrow (Wednesday)