Thursday 10 August 2017

Komedia is a fantastic venue…great crew and staff too. We have a brilliant night 🙂

WE wake up to sunshine at Ponnie’s in Eastbourne and after a long breakfast we go for a walk along the seafront. Like being on holiday!

Still, there’s quite a lot of online stuff and bits and bobs of work to tend to when we get back.

Mid-afternoon we leave for Brighton – a lovely 20-odd mile drive along the coast road – and load in at Komedia. Engineer Pete is on hand to help out and Jamie – who did my sound last time gives us a hand too. This really is a brilliant venue.

I’m just finished soundchecking when Nico and James  – the Bitter Pills – who’re opening for me arrive.

We have some grub and I get myself sorted out int he dressing room and do a quick, impromptu Facebook livestream before heading back to watch the Bitter Pills who play a great set.

There’s a good crowd in, some of whom have been to my shows before…and lots of new faces too. 

We have a fantastic night and are back at Ponnie’s soon after midnight for a dram and a snack before bed.

The Bitter Pills play a powerful opening set.

Thursday 22 September 2016

Fun on stage at Komedia

Fun on stage at Komedia

THERE’S a few last minute things to pack  the car and we leave right on schedule at 6am. Margaret drives the first shift.

At Carlisle we stop at a McDonalds for breakfast and I take over driving. We stop and swap over a few times before getting to our pal Ponnie’s in Brighton just after 3am leaving some time for a chat and a coffee before we have to go into town and load in at Komedia.

We’ve heard a lot about this venue but never been in before. It’s quite some place – fantastic room, great PA and good people.

Doors open at 7.30pm and support Rothstein (Nico Scerri) hits the stage soon after 8pm. He plays a nice set and capes with a runaway bass drum as it works it’s way across the stage then, after a quick changeover, it;s my turn to take the stage.

There’s a good crowd in and a great vibe in the room. I have a blast playing and there’s plenty time to catch up with some folks round the merch table before tidying up. We’ve been invited to a local whisky bar for a dram so we make a quick visit and chat with some of the folks who;d been at my show then take our way back to Ponnie’s for snack, more whisky and good blether.

Nico Scerri aka Rothstein opens the show

Nico Scerri aka Rothstein opens the show