Tuesday 28 June 2016

AFTER sleeping in we finally get going on stuff.

A couple of important things have come in via email that need immediate replies then I carry on with the press/PR/media stuff for the England dates (London, Newcastle, York and Reading) in mid-July.

Doing the PR stuff is always a reminder to how fast the media is changing. I probably started keeping my media contacts in the current database six or seven years ago and while media in the areas I play often (ie: once or twice a year!) is relatively up to date, I haven’t updated/used local and regional contacts in places that I haven’t been for a while…in this case York and Reading. So I have to check the contacts…some of the newspapers have disappeared or merged with other titles, some have moved, many of the journalists dealing with music/entertainment have moved on…and most of the folks left have new email addresses.

I suppose one of the benefits of updating the stuff is that it’s an excuse to have a chat with the journalists before sending them the news release which, I think, increases the chances of coverage.

It’s time-consuming, though, and if I’ve just allocated a few hours to do the press/PR for each show there’s no time for the checking and contacting. Maybe I should make time as a matter of course for every show.

My eternal debate with myself over the use of landing pages (a page website vistors come to first, usually highlighting a specific piece of news or offer before they ‘enter’ the main website) continues. I used to be of the mind that visitors want to get straight into a website content and a landing page added another ‘click’ before they got there.

Now I’m changing my view. The landing page for pre-ordering the new EP – both physical and via iTunes – certainly seemed to boost physical pre-orders to a much higher level than I’ve had in the past. And also, I’m sure, propelled Hellbound Train to number seven in the iTunes blues charts.

I reckon a landing page is fine, maybe even a great thing – so long as it’s not overused, changes frequently so it draws focus onto a current message and that every so often there a break in using a landing page.

So…the big push at the moment is the England dates. I create a landing page promoting them. I think it looks pretty good. If you came direct to this blog you won’t have seen it – check it out here! The stats will tell me if it’s working.

Betty pops in for a coffee on her way past and invites us to dinner later. Perfect timing, for although I’ve got stuff out defrosting for tonight, I haven’t done anything with it, so it can wait ’til tomorrow.

I really need some fresh air and exercise but while the drizzle and damp doesn’t bother me, the midges do. And they’re out in force today. I carry on working Set lists for the Dundee shows this weekend and then I archive some TV footage and radio interviews from earlier in the month.

We wander along to Betty and Joe’s. The midge repellent isn’t really effective, but it’s not too far and soon we’re sitting round the table eating, drinking and putting the world to rights.