Saturday 8 October 2016

After the Pine Room show in Nashville some of the locals enjoy a wee Glengoyne...

After the Pine Room show in Nashville some of the locals enjoy a wee Glengoyne…

BREAKFAST at the HoJo is pretty much non-existent….Margaret remembered we stayed here on a previous tour and it was shit…we’ll avoid them where possible!

So where do we go? Panera Bread, of course…right beside the hotel. Once we’ve eaten we organise money order to send to the t-shirt printers to pay for the merch they sent to New York for us, pick up some gaffa tape, batteries and other bits and pieces.

Its 180-miles or so to Nashville (Indiana) and we split the driving. When I take over we try a Facebook Livestream  but the mobile data stream’s not good enough – we get about 10 seconds done before it cuts out – so we stop outside a McDonalds and hop on the free wifi to do a wee live tour update.

We get to Nashville and l load into the Pine Room – a great venue that our friends Rev and Breezy Peyton got me booked into on last year’s tour. Booker Richard meets us and we’re immediately handed beers and a menu 🙂

We eat, I change the strings on the banjo,  get set up on stage  then we nip away to check into the hotel the venue’s sorted for us  – back just in time for showtime.

There’s a good crowd in – many of whom were at last year’s show. Margaret’s on sound and I play two beer and whisky-fuelled sets.

After the show we chat with folks round the merch table and then sit down with the venue owners and some of her pals to enjoy a wee dram – Glengoyne, of course. They love it. Seems our favourite dram;going down pretty good here 🙂