Wednesday 31 January 2018

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Interesting panel discussions at Showcase Scotland’s Artists’ Day.

MARGARET drops me at the station and I get ona train into Glasgow.

First stop, McDonalds for some breakfast, then a quick gander round GuitarGuitar before heading up to the City Halls to register for Showcase Scotland’s Artists’ Day.

I catch up with a load of folks then the panels kick off at 11am with a session on international festival booking. Lunch is followed by another couple of panel sessions then Margaret meets me at the City Chambers for Showcase Scotland’s civic reception.

Great to catch up with more pals and meet delegates from overseas before we head to the concert hall to catch our pal Grainne playing the Danny Kyle stage. Our pals form Celtic Music Radio are broadcasting live…nice to catch up with them and cameraman Omar who we haven’t seen for a while.

Grainne plays a blinder and we hang out for the final two acts on the stage before the three of us (Margaret, Grainne and myself) make our way to Citizen M hotel for a joint Scottish Music Industry Association.Wide Days networking event with a presentation on the value of music tourism.

Great company and fantastic hospitality.

It’s after 9pm when we head back home. Grainne’s staying with us tonight – have some snacks, drink too much and blether into the wee hours.

Grainne Hunt plays a great set at Celtic Connections’ Danny Kyle stage.

Tuesday 3 May 2016

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I make my debut as an extra on River City and play my first ever open mic night...first appearance at 35.48..... :-) Click above to watch.

I make my debut as an extra on River City and play my first ever open mic night…first appearance at 35.48….. 🙂
Click above to watch.

ANOTHER early start into Glasgow. I drop Margaret off then take the car back to the garage in Maryhill.

They need their electrical guy to reset the service interval thingy and our heater’s been playing funny buggers, so he’ll have a look at that too.

I take a walk into town with the idea of a coffee and free wifi at McDonalds, but the torrential rain makes it a better idea to stop at Starbucks at Charing X where I have an overpriced coffee. I make up for it by sitting and using their wifi for a good couple of hours.

A further foray into town takes me to the Buchanan Galleries. I remember I have a voucher for a free coffee and cake in John Lewis, so I enjoy an hour in the cafe there and get some more work done courtesy of Buchanan Galleries’ free wifi.

I daunder back to Maryhill and get the car then pick up Margaret before the usual weekly Chinese supermarket/Costco/Tesco shopping experience.

Back home we drop some stuff off to Barbara and Betty, it away the shopping and go for a quick walk through the forest making sure we’re back home in time for my debut as an ‘extra’ on River City. I was lucky and got a pretty good spot…and to play a (small) bit of one of my songs in one of the scenes. Can’t believe it;s been two months since the filming.

My appearance generates some good banter on Facebook…then I go and make lemongrass and lime tofu and drink more beer.

After we eat I’m in no mood for ,more work so we veg in front of the telly with a  wee dram and take it easy.



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