Monday 7 May 2018

First live show in a while for yours truly…nice to be back on stage 🙂

AFTER the routine stuff I nip across to the studio and run through my set for tonight’s show at Broadcast in Glasgow.

It’s been a couple of months since my last show and I need to make sure I’m match fit. I manage to remember the words to everything then pack the guitars, banjo and other stuff.

We take advantage of the sunshine to get a few bits and bobs done outside – Margaret re-pots our indoor tree and I cut the grass and do some strimming. Best get these jobs done before the rain comes back!

Load in at Broadcast is at 6pm and soundman Darren does a fine job soundchecking. Doors are advertised for 7pm, but everything gets pushed back a half-hour..there’s a good crowd in when I kick things off just after 8pm.

Next up is Serious Sam Barrett and James the Fang – it’s nice to see Sam, having played a show together in Stamford a few years ago. The pair play a nice mixture of roots and Americana peppered with some folk influences from this side of the pond.

J D Wilkes closes the night with a slimmed-down Shack Shakers backing him and plays some old Shack Shakers favourites and old and new stuff from his solo and Dirt Daubers sets.

A grand night and brilliant crowd –especially for a Monday night.

…Serious Sam Barrett and James the Fang…

J D Wilkes and the Legendary Shack Shakers close a fantastic night at Broadcast



Friday 26 January 2018

John Coletta is joined on stage by ex-Thrum singer Monica Queen

IT’S a beautiful day, so right after breakfast I grab a couple of cameras and nip along the road to take some photos for a web project I’m about to embark on for a local pal.

Once done I wander back and dump the photos onto the computer – I’ll check ’em all out later/tomorrow – then have some lunch.

Back in the office I use Google’s data highlighter to mark up the product/merch pages in my online store in a similar way I did with the gig/show pages earlier in the week. Data highlighter’s categories are pretty limited at the moment, but this will grow, and as it does I aim to use it to give increased visibility to all I can online.

There’s a wee bit of work on the October/November USA tour booking to be done along with some preparations for my O-1 visa application and some folks Stateside needing a heads-up on the plan.

We’re off into Glasgow to see my pal John Coletta at Oran Mor this evening. En route we stop to pick up some prescription stuff at the chemist then Costco too return a punnet of mouldy blueberries and grab something to eat.

We arrive at Oran Mor just after doors time (7pm) and Sam Kelly & the Lost Boys open the show bang on 7.30pm. Good band, but all covers..they go down well tho’, and are a good match for the John and the Humpff Family Revival whose set mixes familiar old stuff with some new material and a guest appearance onstage from singer Monica Queen. Teaching Jeasus is a highlight of the set.

After a quick chat with various folks we know we hit the road home for a snack and a wee dram.

Sam Kelly & the Lost boys open the show at Oran Mor.



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