Monday 16 May 2016

Limited edition Hellbound Train shirts...coming to my online store very soon!

Limited edition Hellbound Train shirts…coming to my online store very soon!

AFTER a bit of a late start I get the news releases written for the Scottish dates – Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow…plus the Ayr in-store – around the release of the Hellbound Train EP.

We make our way to Clydebank where I take Margaret to the hospital – she has an appointment for ‘a procedure’ and will be sedated. Once she’s taken they say it’ll be three or four hours and they’ll call me to come and get her.

So…off I head to McDonald’s. My plan is to have a sneaky burger for lunch while drinking coffee and using the free wifi for an couple of hours to get some work done, hit the post office, pick up a t-shirt order from the east end then be back at the hospital in good time.

I’ve only just sat myself down in McDonalds when the phone rings. Looks like the hospital number. I panic a bit…but nothing’s wrong…Margaret’s done, dusted and in recovery. I can get her in an hour. Jeez – I only left her 1/2-hour ago!

I guzzle my lunch, get all the news releases emailed out, wait in a queue in the post office and hurry back to the hospital. All went fine, no problems and Margaret’s feeling fine if not a little dozy.

We drive over to Kenny’s at T-Shirt Cat and get the shirts, drop by Peitro’s deli for some Italian sausage (the best!) then Costco, Tesco and the Chinese supermarket. Another stop at B&Q and M&S in Bishopbriggs then finally we head for home.

It was meant to be a cloudy day, but it’s been great weather and even after dinner when the sun’s gone down it’s a nice evening so I go for a stroll to make sure I get my 10,000 daily steps as directed by the fitbit.