We manage to shoot some video for some promos for the upcoming Scottish shows when we get back from the USA tour…

AFTER  a chilled morning catching up on work at Nan and Mark’s we venture out into the sunshine and get some brunch.

On the way back we scout out some locations to film a wee Facebook promo video for the upcoming shows in Scotland when we get back. We find a place beside Kedzie transit station, nip back to Nan and Mark’s to pick up a camera and guitar and head back to shoot some video.

I do a coupla promos which we’ll edit when I have time and also do a couple of Facebook livestreams to my page and personal profile. its windy and we have extremely limited equipment, but hopefully they’ll all work out.

Once we’re done we meet Paul and Paula from A Shot of Honky Tonk for a wee interview over coffee and spend a n hour or so chatting and laughing.

Back to the house where we jump int he car and go to find The Hideout – a legendary Chicago venue that everyone says would be an ideal spot for me to play on future visits. We drop in an album and note for the booker and have nice chat with barman Shane.

We drop the car off back at the house and go to help Nan and some other volunteers at the local refugee connection – there’s donations to sort out for refugees and a free ‘shopping’ night where the folks can come and pick up stuff they need. It’s a fantastic operation and a very rewarding couple of hours.

its after 9pm when we’re done…we pick up a Mexican takeaway and eat back at the house and have a lovely evening sharing a bottle of red and a couple drams with Nan.