An exhausting, but exhilarating, night at The Cold Shot, Appleton

AFTER breakfast at the hotel we have a fairly relaxed morning and the advantage of not having to pack up and drive.

I post some video around social media to promote November’s shows in Scotland when we get back…and also some for Tenby Blues Festival.

The hotel laundry is right beside our room so we take the opportunity to get all our washing done then nip out to the supermarket for some supplies.

I get some Facebook ads sorted when we get back then get on with trying to pull in some more shows in/around Los Angeles when I hit the NAMM Show in January.

We don’t need to be at The Old Shot ’til after 8pm…when we arrive owner/booker Dave sits us down with a drink (or two) then we soundcheck and I hit the stage at 10pm. I’ve to cover 10pm ’til 1.30am…which is a helluva shift…but I manage to stretch out three sets and breaks thanks to an enthusiastic crowd and plenty fuel coming from both the bar and the audience. We have a total blast despite being knackered by the time we get back to the hotel just before 3am.

Luckily we only have 100 miles or so to go to Wausau tomorrow.

Cold Shot booker/owner Dave Gallow is so impressed with the Glengoyne that he’s looking for a supplier 🙂