Amazing night at The Polack Inn, Wausau…

NEEDLESS to say we sleep through breakfast…I’m aching all over after kicking he ass out it physically and otherwise last night.

We checkout the hotel at midday and stop at a  McDonalds for a quick breakfast before leaving Appleton. Margaret drives the 100 miles or so to Wausau. I sleep the entire way!

Once checked into our hotel I get some work done and we chill for a while before heading down town to load in at the Polack Inn. Our pals Don and Sue are already there, sitting the bar…we have a chat, get the gear in and touch base with Ryan.  The opening act isn’t here yet, so I set my gear up at the side of the stage, well out their way and we nip out to a nearby Mexican for some dinner.

My steak tacos are possibly the best I’ve ever had…Margaret isn’t quite so enthusiastic about her taco salad, but it’s still pretty good.

Back at the venue Folklore Shroud are sound checking and the bar out front is filling up. But he the time doors open at the back room the place is mobbed. The Folklore Shroud play a cracking opening set then I hit the stage for just over an hour. It’s loud, sweaty and a helluva time…and while the sound isn’t the best, overall it’s one of the highlights of the tour so far.

Merch sales are always good here and tonight’s no exception…lots of photos, chat and drinks after the show then its time to tidy up, load out and get back to the hotel. It’s 2am…

Polack Inn booker Frank gets a taste of Scotland!