We steal a few moments between soudncheck and showtime to visit Crystal Lake

NICE to wake up and not to have to rush about…and the apartment above Don and Sally’s garage in Traverse City is the perfect place to chill.

We take it easy  and get a few bits and bobs of work done before heading out for some lunch and  to pick up some supplies.

There’s a few more things to catch up on then we hit the road for Benzonia, a 40-minute drive away, for tonight’s show.

Promoter Seamus and sandman Sandy are at Grow Benzie when we arrive and we’re set up and sound checked with time to nip down to visit the Crystal Lake before my 7pm showtime.

Its a small but enthusiastic crowd and the show goes great. One of the benefits of an early show like this is that we’re cleared and loaded out by 9pm. Back in Traverse City before 10pm.

We open a bottle of red, watch a film and chill before bed. Rock’n’roll 😉

Great show at Grow Benzie, Benzonia, Michigan…

…and time to share a Glengoyne afterwards with soundman Sandy, promoter Seamus and Andris