On stage at Founders..amazing place, amazing people and amazing sound 🙂

A NICE relaxed morning at Doug and Micki’s in Kalamazoo.

I get some work done and last minute promo for tonight’s (Saturday) show in Grand Rapids, Margaret gets some washing done then she goes out on a couch to 5k run. Micki and I follow on a walk.

After lunch Don and Sandy roll up…they’ve come down for the show and are staying here tonight along with Sue and Peter who’re meeting us at the venue.

We roll up at Founders at 6pm where we’re met by gig rep Melinda who helps us load in and takes care of our every need. Dutcher and Morgan are looking after sound and lights and soon local support Bigfoot Buffalo and I are all sound checked.

Melinda sorts dinner and drinks then takes Margaret and I on a tour of the facility…the place has grown exponentially since we were last here and its fascinating to get a look behind the scenes.

We set the show up so that I’d play first which is cool…I hit the stage at 9.30pm sharp for a 90-minute sweat-soaked, beer-soaked set. There’s a load of folks we know in for the show and the show and lots fo new folks and I have a blast.

After a quick changeover Bigfoot Buffalo kick of their set with some fine tunes. We enjoy the first half of their set then have to load out…the folks were staying with in Kalamazoo are all waiting up for us, so we need to hit the road.

We say our cheerios and a n hour or so later enjoy a few drinks back in Kalamazoo with Doug, Micki, Sue, peter, Sandy and Don…great to see everyone. Its after 4am when we go to bed…

Our gig rep Melinda looks after us extremely well..thank you!

Great to see our pals Paula and Erica…these guys have caught one of my shows on every tour.

Awesome tunes from Bigfoot Buffalo