Poke bowls for dinner win the way through Cleveland, Ohio

A LITTLE work done before we check out the Chicago motel and go looking for breakfast.

The only place nearby is a posh place and the prices are through the roof, so we hit the road and have to make do with something form McDonalds.

There’s no gigs ’til Thursday when I play Putnam, Connecticut so we’re making our way east, splitting the journey with a couple of overnighters. 

We’ve just over 400 miles today and split the driving. There doesn’t;t look to me many options for eating around our Super 8 the other side of Cleveland, so we stop downtown and pick up a couple of poke bowls….one of my favourites – white or brown rice with two ‘proteins’ (salmon and tuna for me, shrimp and chicken for Margaret), various ‘veggies’, sauce (I like the ponzu best) and a final garnish from a list of a million options. We get a side of gyozas for good measure, eat then continue our journey, checking in just after 9pm.

We open a bottle of red, turn on the telly and I get on the laptop to do some promotion for the New York show on Sunday (4 Nov) at  Rockwood Music Hall.

Also, my email’s down and there seems to be some kind of server problem so I open a support ticket to report the issue and hope it’ll be sorted in the morning.