Panera Bread – thanks Dot!

WE’RE up and checked out the hotel by 11am…another travel day and we’ve executed to make for Albany, New York so we can have a couple nights int he same place…and a travel-free day tomorrow (Wednesday).

The journey’s the best part of 500 miles. After 70 we stop at a Panera Bread for lunch. My cousin Dot very kindly gave us a Panera gift card when she came to the show in Traverse City. We’ve also got a couple other things to pick up in a nearby Best Buy while we’re stopped

We share the rest of the driving…although Margaret, as usual, does more than her share and we check into our hotel in Albany just before 8pm.

There’s lots of places to eat around, but all need a short drive. Crossing the interstates and stuff on foot isn’t recommended.

Margaret’s got Red Lobster in her sights after being bombarded with TV adverts for the last few weeks. We’ve only been to a Red Lobster once…on the first tour back in 2013…and it was pretty disappointing so I’m not as keen but happy to go with Margaret’s choice.

For a chain restaurant it’s a little on the expensive side but I have to admit that my crab linguine is excellent….and Margaret’s steak and shrimp is also very good. I don’t mind the cost as long as we enjoy it and don’t leave hungry. Mission accomplished!

We’re tired when we get back to the hotel and chill in front of the telly with a drink before drifting off to sleep…