The Anchor, Kingston! Pic: Jeff Bisti

I LEAVE Margaret sleeping while I get my blog and social media stuff done.

Jason’s up and there’s coffee on the go – and breakfast underway. I wake Margaret, we all eat then we pack the car and make for Kingston, upstate New York.

It’s a good four hour drive – plus a stop for lunch at a Panera Bread. There’s another stop in Kingston to puck up some odds and ends and we roll up at the venue around 7pm.

We’re always well looked after at The Anchor and after loading in are treated to a lovely meal.

We’re not long finished when our pal Jen and her sister Laura arrive…they’ve driven across the state for the show 🙂

They’re followed by Joel who looks after the USA arm of the publisher I work with on some production music. He’s come down from New Paltz. Great to see him.

There’s a load of other folks we know from previous visits too 🙂

Show openers the Gold Hope Duo – Lara and Matt – arrive and get set up for a 9.30pn kick off.

Then I play for just over an hour before hanging out and chatting for a while before tidying up and loading out.

We’ve a long night ahead….a 100-mile drive to stop everything off in Manhattan then we drive straight to Hackensack, New Jersey where we park up at the car rental return and grab a couple of hours’ kip in the car…

The car needs to be returned before 11am in the morning and New York City is in shutdown for the New York Marathon. And tiff clocks go back an hour…