Not such nice weather in New York City today…here’s the view across the river from the apartment

WE wake feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

When I attempt to log in to my website to post my blog I find there’s some kind of problem with the servers. All mew websites are down!

I raise a support ticket then, after bagels and cream cheese and a chat over coffee, try again and all’s back to normal. Phew!

There’s a few things to sort out online then we head out into the city. First stop is a bank to see, once again, if I can get a USA bank account opened. We spend a while in a branch and – after five years of coming to the ‘States and failing to get it sorted – we have success! 

This means we can pay cash into an account here, then transfer it electronically..much better than carrying all our gig and merchandise proceeds with us and we can pay bills back home too. Also, it means we can set up a credit/debit/ApplePay card reader for merch sales here 🙂

After stopping for a quick snack we make our way back to the apartment and chill the rest of the afternoon.

John comes hime and brings pizza, so we eat, open  beer and relax. Later on margaret starts to rationalise all out bags and we take the banjo, ResoTone guitar and other stuff we leave here down to the storage unit in the basement. 

Our flight back tot he UK is at 6.30pm tomorrow (Tuesday)…we need to be at JFK three ours before and it could take 60-90 minutes to get to the airport. Margaret books a car online to pick us up at 2.30pm which should be plenty time.

Lots of stuff we want to get done tomorrow morning, so we have a drink, and blether with Ginny and John then a (relatively) early night…