Awesome BBQ at Mighty Quinn’s, East Village, NYC

WE’RE glad we got a lot of packing and prep for leaving done last night, especially when i have to spend the first hour or so after we get up trying to set up online banking for the new USA bank account.

A call to technical support reveals there’s been a mistake with my date of birth. Once we know the problem we’re set up in minutes.

John takes us down to Melissa’s in cab – Ginny’s already there taking photos of baby Riley – it’s great to see Melissa and the baby..then John take us to Mighty Quinn’s BBQ in the East Village.

John shares my love and enthusiasm for BBQ…he has chicken, Margaret gos for the brisket, Ginny a salad and I have a rib sandwich. Jeez it’s good!

Back at the apartment we get the bags and guitars down to the foyer and wait for our car to take us to JFK airport. Traffic’s bad today, so could tale 60-90 minutes.

As it is, we’re there in just under an hour. I sleep all the way.

At the airport, there’s no check-in problems and the guitars and our bags are checked all the way through to Glasgow. We hang out ’til boarding time and embark on our overnight flight into London…