IT’S around 5am UK time when I wake up on the plane…probably midnight where we just came from (New York City).

We’re off the plane at Heathrow by 6.30am then go through security – yup, idea why it should be necessary – where we’re help up by an idiot with a load of random bottles/liquids loose in their bag which is a little infuriating given the tight connection time for our flight back to Glasgow.

The flight is just starting to board as we reach the gate. An hour-and-half later we land in Glasgow.

All the bags and guitars arrive safely and our pal Martyn  picks us up. We drop him off at Film City on Govan then hit the supermarket and Costco for some supplies.

We’re pretty knackered when we roll up at home but we know its best to try and fight the tiredness and wait ’til normal bedtime before sleeping or taking a nap.

Unpacking takes a while then we wander along to see Betty and Joe who’ve been collecting our mail. 

Back home we continue sorting stuff out and I tick a few things of the to-do list before Catriona and Freya drop by for an hour or so.

There’s some chilli in the freezer. I stick it on the cooker, open a berthed we chill for an hour or two before an early night. Ready for a sleep!