There’s a one-off slide in the merch shipment which I put up for sale separately from the ‘normal’ ones…it’s sold pretty quick!

I FIGHT the desire to sleep in and force myself out of bed.

There’s a trailer on BBC Radio Scotland about a guest podiatrist answering listeners’ foot problems which catches my ear. I’ve been (I think) suffering from plantar fasciitis…an inflammation of tissue on the soles of your feet causing pain in your heels when standing up after periods of inactivity – ie: getting up in the night for a pee and in the morning, after driving long distances…makes me dread the first few steps, but then it disappears.

I’ve done a bit of online research and self-diagnosis but I decide to text the BBC to see if my question is answered. Just as my porridge is coming to the boil the phone rings…it’ssomeone form the BBC asking if I’d be happy to go on air and pitch my question to the studio guest. Of course! I hang on the line and a coupla minutes I’m on air and the podiatrist confirms my thoughts and recommends I go and get it seen too

I call the local doctor and make an appointment for next week. Between that, an appointment at the eye hospital and a dermatologist appoint later in the month I start to wonder if I’m falling apart at the seams! Ah well, at least there’s nothing drastic (I hope)

Amongst the post is a shipment of ‘signature’ bottleneck slides…and in the box is one slightly different bottleneck…a much lighter glass with gold instead of silver etching. I have a couple of lighter ones with silver etching which I use at home, so as well as re-stocking the online shop, I offer this one-off bottleneck separately and spread the word on Facebook etc. 

The light outside our front door has stopped working. I take the cover off and it appears the bulb has blown…it’s a weird-looking thing so I call our local pal David who says to come over and he’ll see if he has one in his store. I wander across the road, get the bulb and have a coffee. Nice to catch up.

Back home I fix the light then get on the case with press/media stuff for next weekend’s shows – Tenby Blues Festival (Friday 16) in South Wales and Clarks in Dundee on Sunday 18 November. It’s a bit late in the day, but I stupidly forgot to copy my media database/contacts over to the laptop we took the ‘States nor uploaded it to Dropbox,

I spend t afternoon calling round the South Wales journalists and radio folks and send off news releases/info/pix then do the same for Dundee,..looks like I got to folks just in time 🙂

We picked up a load of chicken thighs at Costco yesterday so I trim them up then cut some up for tonight’s green curry, put some more in the freezer and give the remainder a good coating of Memphis Dust rub to sit overnight ready foor the smoker tomorrow.

It’s quite late by the time we eat dinner then we chat over a  bunch of stuff, I noodle on the guitar for a while then we hit the hay. Still lots of work to catch up with myself…