I’M just getting breakfast on the go when the phone rings. It’s the eye hospital in Glasgow asking if they can cancel tomorrow’s 9.30am appointment and could I come at 6.30pm tonight instead?

Jeez. Margaret’s away in the car all day and the schedule is set for tomorrow before we drive to London. But it’s important, so i agree then set about re-scheduling everything.

For some reason my blog s all messed up and the last day’s entry is not appearing. Seems to be more server problems

There’s a story to go on the G63.scot website. The folk sending it to me seem to think I can just post a Powerpoint Presentation, forgetting that there needs to be ‘a story’. I go through the presentation, pull out enough info to write a pre-amble, convert the Powerpoint Presentation into a video slideshow, upload it  and…phew…we’re done. What should have been a five-minute job has turned into a good hour’s-worth of work that I don’t have time for.

I still have some gear to sort out for Friday…but we leave at 7.30am tomorrow – first for Glasgow, then London..then Tenby Blues Festival on Friday. I also need to set up some studio shots for a forthcoming piece in Resolution Magazine.

Suddenly its time to go into Glasgow for my re-scheduled eye hospital appointment,

We make it back home sometime after 8pm and I finish some work in the office while Margaret packs the merchandise. The card reader/contactless payment gizmo is missing. We turn the place upside down and can’t find it which is not what we need before a festival mainstage appearance and a bunch of Scottish shows.

Luckily, dinner is leftover jambalaya which is quick and easy. Until later on when I discover more mouse shit in the cupboard under the sink. Suddenly that becomes the priority…

Its after 11pm when we get the rest of the packing done and nerves are frayed….think I need a dram….