WE’RE up early and pack the rest of the gear in the pissing rain.

After I drop Margaret off in Glasgow I drive to Maryhill and leave the car to be fixed…then I have to walk into town in the still pissing rain. i stop for coffee and wifi at a McDonalds then carry on and walk over the river to the court to pay a speeding ticket i got in Dundee a week before we hit the USA. Why a dual carriageway has a 30mph limit is beyond my comprehension  but I accept that, regardless of my opinion, the camera caught me fair and square. I just sore ;cos I cannot afford the £100 fine!

I’m on my way back through the city centre when the garage calls. Car’s ready…and the bill’s over £400. Jeez…this is not our day.

I pick up Margaret at 3pm and we start on the drive to London. I have meetings I’m the city tomorrow daytime and we plan to drive overnight.

We make good progress, tho’…and it seems we’ll be in London before midnight – so the plans to drive overnight and then kip a few hours in the car are a little flawed. We get online and boom a hotel.

En route I see a few Paypal alerts for payments to Skype. Three payments totalling £75 that I didn’t make! It’s hard to investigate properly while we’re on the move…so when we check into he hotel sometime after 11pm I get online chat going with Skype. I have to say, their customer service is superb and by the time we were finished all was resolved, the payments refunded and security restored on my account…and we’re glad not to be sleeping int he car!