THERE’S a bit of work to be done following my PRS members’ fund visit up north yesterday..and a few phone calls etc to discuss some other members’ fund stuff.

I’m getting busy with it all and find I can’t log into the PRS ‘system’…I put a note into the service desk to see what’s gone wrong…or maybe what I’m doing wrong.

The glass is broken on one of the woodburner doors. I wasn’t able to get the retaining screws loose last week, so I take the door off and spray the screws and their surrounds with WD40 int he hope that will help loosen them. I leave them to soak for a while.

The Xvive wireless system I order for the guitar arrives…a really neat wee rechargeable transmitter/receiver set which, if it works, could be a godsend, I leave them charging up while I make lunch.

In the studio I try the wireless…it works – but there’s a load of background noise. Kinda like there’s a built-in noise gate. I try on various instruments to see if it’s anything to do with the active pickups in my resonators, but it’s the same problem with all the gear. Damn. ‘Spose it woulda been too good to be true.

Having been curtailed somewhat by the guitar cable at the last couple fo shows I dig out the wireless from my old receiver…it doesn’t fit int he effects case, but I can always stick it in the gig bag. Problem is. the receiver was powered by a custom built-power supply in the old effects case. I turn the place upside down looking for the original compact power supply…the studio, the loft. Everywhere I can think of. Nada.

Then I take a look inside a backup pedalboard case I put together years ago and…yes…in there is the power supply! 

Back in the office I still can’t log onto the PRS system sop I print out some set lists and forthcoming gig postcards for tomorrow’s (Thursday) show at King Tuts in Glasgow.

Margaret comes home with some shopping and I spend some more time in the office trying to find some LA area/California shows for our next USA visit in January. It’s like catching soap in the shower, but harder!

I take the car to the studio, pack all the gear for tomorrow then back to the house to make dinner…