WE have a lazy morning and I chop some wood after breakfast and generally tidy up around the place a little.

Every winter we think about putting a TV into the living room area so we can cocoon ourselves in front of the fire on the colder nights. Costco have got a great offer on a TV which rekindled the thoughts, but it’d be too big and obtrusive for the space we have in mind.

The telly on the bedroom wall is rarely, if ever, on and I wonder if we should move it to the living room. I get it off the wall, take it through and we deliberate back and forth for a while before finally deciding not to mother! Margret reckons the TV’s too small and, as a result won’t. She’d rather brave the cold and watch the bigger TV in the hall.

In the office I try and make some headway clearing the backlog of paperwork piling up on my desk. I do a little then work on some social media graphics and stuff for the run of shows in Estonia in December.

I try calling some venues in/around LA to progress some shows at the end of January but am not getting much luck reaching anyone. It’s probably too early over there…and we have to go to the village hall for the annual ‘mince and tatties’ dance.

We have a nice night catching up with some of our local pals then stop in to see Betty and Joe on our way home…Betty’s been a wee bit under the weather so they couldn’t make it top the hall.