The first attempt at bottletop badges is a bit of learning experience..think I need to use better paper for the images…but it looks promising.

LOTS to do today…and I can’t go out ‘cos there’s a delivery due with a wireless receiver for the guitar effects case.

I’m busy with some gig booking research when the postie arrives with half the stuff I ordered yesterday from Amazon for next day delivery. A couple of the items have mysteriously changed delivery date!

Betty and Joe are coming  for dinner tonight – I take some smoked chicken, andouille sausage and prawns out the freezer for the jambalaya…and some extra prawns to make spring rolls. The fresh kind, not the fried ‘egg roll’ ones.

The stuff form Amazon includes resin to make some bottletop badges and fridge magnets. Been meaning to try ’em for a while and we have a big store of bottletops.

I print out some designs and cut them out and give the stuff a try. They’ll need a good few hours to dry.

There’s set lists to be made up and printed out for Friday’s show at Sneaky Pete’s – and a bunch of ‘forthcoming gig’ postcards to be overprinted.

Looks like the guitar wireless isn’t gonna be delivered until between 7pm and 8pm so I get busy in the office then nip back into the house to make the spring rolls and nam chuoc dipping sauce.

Next job is to prep the ingredients for the jambalaya.

Once done I set up to do a couple of Facebook livestreams…as usual, one to my page and one to my profile.

The initial one to my page is glitchy and the internet connection keeps buffering. I can’t really see any reason why then I realise that although some of the stuff plugged into the router is de-activated, it still seems to be trying to upload. I switch off the offending piece of kit and the livestream to go a bit more smoothly. I must remember in future to switch off completely rather than de-activate!

Everything’s ready in time for Betty and Joe arriving and we have a lovely night chatting, eating and drinking, the jambalaya seems to go down well too 🙂