AFTER tracking the undelivered package on the DPD website I call the Uddingstont depot.

After hanging on for a good 20 minutes I get lot speak to someone who looks into things and assures me the package will be delivered today.

The rest of the bottle top badge making stuff arrives with the post so I experiment some more. I try printing the graphics on photo paper and make another wee test batch. Gonna be a good few hours before I see how they fare tho’…

Once the routine tasks are out the way I run through some of the USA venues..struggling to nail much down for LA in January. I’ve one confirmed show and another in the pipeline but not been able to tie that one down to a specific date.

I was mean to be participating in an Adobe livestream event last night but didn’t have time so I watch the replay. Some interesting stuff happening in the creative/graphics/video world.

The bottle top badges still aren’t dry…and it looks like the ink’s bleeding into the resin. A search online finds that it’s not recommended to use photo paper. As well – back to the drawing boards. I try some more with normal paper but they suffer from the same problem albeit to a lesser extent. I’ll need to seal the paper with the images with some watered down PVA or something…no time to fart about with it anymore today!

I mess with a couple new ideas on the banjo and record a few riffs on my phone then hit the studio and play some guitar.

It’s well after 7pm when the DPD driver finally drops off my parcel. He was on holiday yesterday and seems the cover driver made a complete arse of things in our area.

On a more positive note, the Relay G30 receiver fits in my effects case and works perfectly with my old G50 guitar transmitter pack. Once tested, I get all the gear packed ready for an early getaway in the morning.