WE have a very long lie then lie in bed drinking coffee!

While Margaret sorts brunch I collect the bins and get all the gear out the car and get some stuff done in the office.

The bottle cap badges I’ve been experimenting with aren’t turning out very consistently…the designs are floating to the top of the resin (despite trying to stick ’em down with a little Mod Podge as instructed) and the stuff’s taking so long to dry the artwork ink is getting saturated and bleeding into the resin.

I try laminating the designs before punching them out – that means I can print on photo paper too, which should be a better quality image. I make up three or four to test the idea.

The oil light came on on the car dash last night so I open the bonnet and investigate. Sure enough, it’s very low. We get ‘the book’ out the car and check oil…jeez, talk about making things complicated. There seems to be three or four different options for diesel engines but there’s no way of telling which one we have..or if it has some kjnd of particle thingummybob. We search online and find all diesel VW’s manufactured after 2009 have this – ours is 2012..so why does the manual even bring that up?!?!?

Anyway, turns out the oil we have in the shed isn’t what’s recommended, so Margaret will get it in Glasgow tomorrow.

We really need to plan my 2019 shows/torus so I print out a paper planner and we start marking out where and when the gigs should be. A bit late, but important nevertheless. We’d planned to hit the USA in March, but looks like we’ll have to bomb that…and shift the East Coast mid-West tour to earlier in the year. Then when will I play some Scotland/UK shows…? Mmm…it’s a big puzzle and will be like catching soap in the shower.

It’s getting late when I start making dinner which includes my first attempt at son tam – a fiery Thai salad made with young, unripe green papaya. We have it with Vietnamese beef and a little brown rice and it works really well albeit on the hot side. Too much chillies!