The latest batch of bottlecaps for badges/fridge magnets…looks like I’m getting there!!!

WHILE washing up the breakfast dishes I realise that it’s looking nice and clear outside – maybe the only opportunity l’ll get to take a wee bit of video and some photos to complete the the local audio project.

The audio unit was installed beside the boulder near the visitor centre just before we went to the USA. I’ve been keen to document the whole thing with some photos and a wee video to put round social media and this would be the last piece in the jigsaw. I call Betty and arrange to take some photos of her and Joe later on at the audio point – the project is their baby and I’m keen that’s recorded and recognised.

I need to make a wee video for the next phase of social media promo for the Estonia shows which start on Thursday so I shoot and edit a quick video, add captions for those watching without sound and make the whole thing into a Facebook and Instagram-friendly square format. Once upload and shared, I create a Facebook ad with it, targeted to folks with relevant interests in Estonia. I only throw a couple of quid a day at it for the next four or five days, so it’s not a budget breaker. Now that I do all the press and media stuff digitally, I re-purpose what I would have spent on postage/packing sending out media packs to social media advertising.

There’s some folks to be contacted about the planned USA trip in August/September and other planning  to be done so I get busy with that. I also make up some more bottlecaps for badges/fridge magnets. It’s a bit of learning process…I have some other resin coming in the post today – meantime I finish off the Mod Podge stuff I’d been experimenting with.

After lunch I take the photos and a wee bit of video at the audio point then rush back to the studio to dump ’em all onto a hard drive. I sort the photos, but the video’s gonna take some time – I’ll get on that later.

More tour planning and emails in the office then I make up some set lists for the Estonia shows and print them off along with some info postcards to go round  at the gigs.

The new resin arrives so I mix up a batch and make up some more bottlecap badges…a bit of a performance compared to the Mod Podge…but it’s cheaper and looks like it’s less prone to bubbles.

Then I hit the studio to start the wee social video for the audiopoint project. The footage I have is all very DIY and not great – or consistent – quality…but my intention is for the resulting square format ‘creation fo the audio point’ is just to make a 30-second, fast-moving, guerilla-style blog piece for social media rather than a corporate film.

Meantime, Margaret’s in the office sorting merch for Estonia and has an accident with my resin-filled bottlecaps…she didn’t realise they hadn’t set and put a batch of t-shirts on top. Oops!

After a tofu green curry we get a few more odds and ends sorted then have an early night. Busy day tomorrow…and I want to get that wee video finished!!!





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