These Reunion Blues Continental Voyager gig bags make travelling ten times easier! Proud to be part of the RB family 🙂

WE’RE up at 7am to pack the car and get into Glasgow.

I drop Margaret and go to McDonalds for my usual ‘coffee and wifi’ stop. I get some work done and prepare some last-minute graphics to promote the Estonia shows coming up.

After getting some fuel I pick Margaret up just after midday and we make our way to the airport.

The Lufthansa ground staff are great and happy for us to take the guitars onboard…if there’s a space problem they’ll check ’em t the gate.

The first leg of the trip – Glasgow to Frankfurt – goes fine. most of the two-hour stopover is spent going through more security and getting to the gate where we finally get a seat and a much-needed beer.

Once again, the Lufthansa staff are fantastic not only allowing us to tale the guitars into the cabin, but sending us on the plane first. The staff on the plane are great too – and stewardess Mona looks after s particularly well 🙂

It’s cold in Tallinn…and after 1am when we check into our hotel. Too late to go on the hunt for food, but a wee nightcap does us good and soon we’re of to zzzzzzzzzzz’s….