ONCE the routine jobs are out the way I start organising ticketing for the Scottish shows in March with my pal Andres from Estonia.

We’ve still to sort a Glasgow date/venue, but we’ll be playing Leith Depot on Friday 1 March and our local village hall on Saturday 2 March. Tickets for these shows available here.

I’m doing some stuff with National ResoPhonic – who make my guitars – at the NAMM Show (24-27 January) in Anaheim, California. They’ve organised all the registration for Margaret and I but there’s still a few things we need to sort from our end to complete the process.

I get busy with that then re-visit the booking system for the trip – I’ve got three shows in the bag so far but would like to get another two or three.

We brought the ‘Christmas box’ down from the attic the other night…Margaret’ll take care of our pathetic wee excuse for a tree later, but I wanna get the outside lights up along the front of the roofline.

It’s a bit of a fanny dance as our ladders aren’t long enough to reach over windows and stuff but I get there eventually. And they work.

Unfortunately the wee battery lights round our decking are goosed – possibly because we left them out all year. I order a new set from Amazon for a tenner.

Back in the office I get with some more work then print out some artwork for more bottlecaps,  mix up some resin and make another batch of badges and fridge magnets. I add a tiny bit of glitter to some of the resin…but a little goes a long way and the first few I pour have way too much glitter. Going by my last experiment it’ll take a good few days for them to dry and cure. Watch this space.

Outside I crack open a beer and get the grill lit ready for the Vietnamese beef I put in to marinade earlier. It turns out fantastic – my best effort yet 🙂

Once we’ve eaten Margaret gets the Christmas tree sorted and I finish off another batch of Christmas cards..then we relax in front of the telly for a while. 

An email comes in confirming a booking for the House of Blues in Anaheim which is great news. After sending a web form enquiry and try unsuccessfully to call them a few times I’d given up hope of a show there…but it’s come good 🙂