A pleasure to babysit wee Freya

IT’S a nice morning when I go outside and open up the office. The leaves on the decking are slightly frozen and it occurs to me this might be a good time to try and sweep them away.

Sure enough, I manage to get rid of most of them. Since we got back from the USA the leaves that piled up and started to decompose while we were away have been soaking wet, so shifting them would’ve been a nightmare.

I decide to get the leaf blower out and clear the whole back while the going’s good.

In the warmth of the office I start getting some online gig listings done for the USA west coast stuff end January and into February and also the Scottish dates we’ve arranged for March when my pal Andres is coming over from Estonia.

After lunch I have an important phone call to take then I finish packing our overnight bag – we’re babysitting for Freya and staying over at Catriona and Will’s tonight.

The new lights for the balustrade round the decking arrive and  I start putting them up…but I almost go through the decking at the far corner…the wood underneath has been rotten since we moved here (nine years ago!) and been threatening to burst for a while. Today’s the day!

Too cold and dark to investigate now, but I’ll get a look at the extent of things over the weekend.

We leave for Catriona and Will’s just after 4pm – Catriona’s got a work night out in Dundee and Will’s at work.

Catriona heads off to Dundee and leaves us in charge – there’s lasagne in the fridge and a bottle of wine nearby.

After we eat I get some graphics and Facebook events set up for the forthcoming gigs then we have an early night…chances are Freya will wake around 5am and need fed…