Corn tacos – we fill ’em with chilli, sliced pickled chillies, cheese and natural yoghurt. Yum.

COLD but dry outside today – so instead of hitting the studio as planned I decide to cut back some of the growth that’s preventing us seeing the hill from the window.

Joe and I cut the bushes and trees a couple fo years ago, but they’ve grown back – and more…we get a great view of Conic Hill in the winter when there’s no leaves out, but in the summer? Nada!

While it’s not exactly a priority, I decide to tackle it today – reasonable weather and I may not get another chance before the buds/leaves start appearing. And if I leave it ’til next year, the growth will be too heavy for the loppers and my wee saw.

Three hours later I’m soaking in sweat and ripped to shreds with thorns and brambles but I’ve made a good start. The stuff that’s left will be a much simpler – and quicker – operation.

I get into the studio for a tidy up. The guitar cases are still ‘wrapped’ together in cling plastic from our travels, so I can’t really do anything creative until everything’s unpacked and tidied up a bit.

I’m just finishing when our  pal Martyn stops by for a coffee and a blether.

He heads off and I make some doh for corn tacos later then I go along to the annual community Christmas carols at the village hall. Margaret’s snowed under with stuff so doesn’t come. To be honest I don’t have time either but it’s important to support these community events.

It’s after 9pm by the time we have dinner then relax for a while before an early night.