TOP of my priority list today is to start building a proper resource for music supervisors.

I need to identify 10 or 12 tracks that I think might me ‘syncable’ and make .wav versions available online.  They need an extra level of metadata and tags as well as lyric sheets too.

Of course, all the tracks at hand on the computer are MP3s. I dig out an archive drive and although I find .wav files, they’re of final mixes rather than mastered versions. I hit the attic and find CDs that I can create .wavs from.

There’s some other bits and bobs needing done too, and I really need to get another LA show tied down as soon as possible.

Finally there’s time for a break from desk-bound stuff and I pick up the banjo and try and develop an idea I recorded on my phone the other day. It’s fun, but  othing really comes of it 🙁

We’ve got appointments at the dentist and hygienist late afternoon. Margaret’s got the car, so i decide to walk and meet her there. It’s a good hour’s walk so I load up a podcast and wander through the drizzle.

Back home I start preparing dinner then hit the office for an hour while it’s in the oven. After we eat I back outside for a while then lock the office up and we head for bed. Checking emails before I put the light out I see a note confirming another LA gig. Phew! I think that’s the LA?California booking pretty much complete now.