Black pepper tofu – this is becoming more like a food blog! I ned to get writing some new songs!!!

MARGARET’S out all morning, so I pick up the gig booking, primarily to confirm the Glasgow show for Andres and I at the end of February.

I’d have preferred a Thursday night, but all the Glasgow venues we like are already booked…so Wednesday 27 February it has to be.

Once all’s confirmed I create a Facebook event, set up ticketing and start spreading the word.

I picked up a trailer socket for all the things that need plugged in behind the telly and start to unplug and untangle the mess of cables. I don’t want to put it all back without tidying the loose cables tho’…so call a halt to things, go online and order a bunch of velcro cable ties. I’ll finish this job tomorrow.

Finally I get the chance to pick up a guitar and mess around a while. There’s still loads to do in the office, but I realise that I really need to leave it for a while for everytime I start the desk stuff I’m in for the long haul…and the music’s getting neglected. Maybe I need to to neglect the office stuff for a while!

Black pepper tofu for dinner tonight which is a wee bit of a fanny dance, but worth it…we haven’t had it for ages. It’s quite late by the time we eat and we relax for a while before bed.